May 13, 2024 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Street Cleaning - April 24th; meet at the firehouse at 9:00p

After Prom Party - Check written to Voyager; donated $501 last year. 2024 donation will be $651; voted on and approved.

Firemen's Banquet - Scheduled for May 18th @5:00pm. Location: Kami's Sami's.

July 3rd - Donny Morales confirmed for 4/3. Tom Tyler working on getting sponsors for 2023. Poster in the works.

MAMS - Pouring 6/27, last Thursday of June. Bring a friend to help!

Fireworks - John Fedel has them ordered.

New Business things coming

Higher Yield Investment - Kyle to evaluate options for higher yield than current account(s).

2024 Scholarship - 4 scholarships awarded, total of $3000 (increased from $2000). Motion made and seconded to increase scholarship limit to $3000. Passed unanimously. $1000 to Sydney Genuit and Kortlan Nelson. $500 each to Landen Hill and Maryjane Cervone. Motion made and seconded. Passed unanimously.

July 3rd/4th - Same events from past years. Kids games; setup during parade. No pie eating contest. Need sawdust (Chris Miller) and eggs (Tom Fedel). Water Fights; need to contact Chris Miller if interested in participating. Water fights; Eric Scheananbaum and Mike Fedel to help; Dave Ficco as backup. Need to update contact info for Water Fights and advertise.

Retiring Member - Steve Duce submitted letter of retirement. Motion made and seconded to approve. Motion passed.

Fireworks - Trailer work and tying to be scheduled. Officers in charge of trailers (prep/manage/maintain): Chris - Long trailer + Gooseneck (red), Dak - Finale, Tom/Kyle - Black Gooseneck. Tasks - Justin Clark, procure replacement timber for red gooseneck. Trailer work day - June 1st, 10am at Bumper's house.

July 3rd Event - Tom could use some help soliciting new donations. Approx. $4k already raised.