February 12, 2024 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

OCCF Grant - Grant awarded for $4k to purchase (4ea) Seek FirePRO 200 TICs. Make sure to thank Citizens State Bank/OCCF if you see them.

Fireworks - Only shooting small shots

3rd of July Band - TBD, to be discussed at the January meeting.

2023 YE Review - Max Austin - Top Responder

New Business things coming

July 3rd - Tent has been booked, Sound/Lights Booked. Band - talking to Donny Morales, no response. Currently looking at different options: possibly Eli Howard and the Greater Good Band.

Training - Training is in effect, every other Wednesday. Next training is February 21st. FF1 training class potentially starting March 1st. Google Calendar will get rolled out soon to keep everyone up to date. March 16th/23rd - Wildland Refresher course 8am-noon.

Parker Blackford - Motion made, seconded and approved to add Parker Blackford as a junior firefighter.

Donations - $1000 donation check from Sleeping Indian Ranch wedding ('36 truck wedding appearance). Pending donation from Tom Kelly after his passing.

Training Rules - In Progress: No out of town trainings unless training hours are completed from the past year along with enough local training.

Training Opportunity - La Junta, Fire in the Plains in June.

Maintenance - Nathan Judd in charge of truck maintenance.

Engine Updates - In Progress: add charging bays and generator to Engine.

Membership - Pending membership changes, looking for new applicants to fill vacant/non-active rolls.

March Meeting - Elections: Secretary, Treasurer, Chief, Asst. Chief. Dutch Lunch.

Standard Fire Scene Channel - Ouray Fire Ops. Mutual Aid Responses - FERN. Apparatus radios always stay on County.