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Donations Received: $1000 - From Elks Lodge (Elks State Foundation) $100 - Kristopher's Culinaire $248.67 - SMPA

Dave Mensch FD Show: Discussing with Goldbelt

Water Fight Requirements: Guest Speaker - Sara Martinez - Discussion regarding selection of junior teams and reviewing eligibility for future fights. - Potential to run junior division as co-ed or add a second division (female) junior fights. *May be an issue to add an additional fight - Reviewed current rules; competition moving forward will require competitors to review rules

Fireworks Trailers: - Need to pick a day to teardown trailers and fix them, Wednesday September 6th @5:30p (Meet at Rotary)

Firemans Picnic - September 9th @noon, Miner's Park (will need tent setup) - Invites: Retirees, EMS?, City Council, Silas, Public Works, Ridgway Fire

September 11th Memorial - Will move to a 5yr or 10yr rotation (will not happen this year)

Ignacio Fire School - September 28th - October 1st - Chief will work to finalize details and distribute

Trainings - September 25th, low angle rescue, 8am, details to follow

Highgraders - Motion made and seconded to donate to Highgraders $1000. All in favor: yes

Gas Detector Calibration - Need to check; MSA gas meters are on the way to replace Drager meters

Fire Hydrants - All fire hydrants that were previous broken are fixed. City continuously working to monitor water pressures.