January 09, 2023 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

CPR Training - Should be set for February. More from Chief soon.

New Squad 11 - The department was reminded not to drive the vehicle without officer approval (training is required). Chief noted that the truck is not fully rigged. It's about 90% there. A few more items are en route. John Fedel will be in charge of organizing the new equipment.

NYE Fireworks - In general, it was a great show. No one on the department has received any complaints and there were no issues during the loading, firing, and cleaning.

John Fedel does feel that, with a newer group working the shows, it would be a good idea to re-review our inventory, complimentary items (fuses, etc.), SOPs and safety protocols. John also thinks it would be a good idea to do a general clean up of our remaining inventory. Finally, it would be a good idea to burn the pile before the next show to keep things as clear and safe as possible. All in all, there were not a lot of dud fireworks.

Chief suggested getting another training run - and doing them annually or bi-annually year - for the crew. John will talk to some contacts to explore the idea.

The department finished with a brief discussion on the evolution of the fireworks trailers, how we'll use them, set them up, etc. for the July show. Chris Miller noted we should plan to act on these items no later than May so as to be ready for the show on the Fourth.

New Business things coming

Fire Academy - There are eleven (11) fire fighters planning to attend the academy in St. George, Utah from January 19 through January 23. Chief and Patrick Rondinelli will be here and not at the academy. Chief reminded the attending members to take the appropriate gear, SCBA and to mind their SCBAs while at the academy.

Training - Beginning in February, we (OVFD) will have 3 trainings a month (except June to July) - this does not count Ridgway opportunities. Chief noted that the officers would meet to get a schedule laid out and communicated to the department.

Pension Hours - Chief has an updated sheet from the city with the years credited toward retirement for all members.

Membership - Mike Trahan submitted his resignation retroactive December 2022. Mike is on two departments and the amount of work and commitment was simply too much. A motion was made to accept the resignation. The motion was seconded and approved.

Rules and Regulations - Chief let the department know that he and the City are getting the pension system updated and organized for the department.

Chains - Chief requested that members hang back after the meeting to put some chains on the trucks.

"False" Alarms - Chief is working with the City Administration on an issue with the Imogene Hotel building where there has been an issue of an alarm being tripped where it should not (it is a legitimate alarm but there is no actual fire issue). John Fedel wondered what the panel should be reset to and who is responsible for handling that (owner, officer, etc.).

Chief noted that if we do get another call there - or any other business in town - be sure to pay close attention and work to ensure the structures are safe, etc.