June 13, 2022 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

MAMS - Tent setup is now slated for 8:30 AM for the Thursday music series.

New Business things coming

Donations - We received two donations. One for $50 from the Lewis family and another for $430 from a family for whom we helped do some fire mitigation.

Invoices - We received an invoice for $31.50 for Water Fight classified ads. A motion was made, seconded and passed to pay the invoice.

Driver Training - Sunday, June 26 at the 4H at 8 AM. Put on by Log Hill but will be the same course as in years past.

Cones - Ridgway Fire has an overflow of cones should Ouray Fire need some.

Water Fights - Steve Martinez has all four fights settled. Fights are listed below but, admittedly, names may not be spelled correctly.

Co-ed - Josie scoffield and Tom Holstead vs. Richie Webber and Le'ARin Wilson Ladies - Jordan Herndon and Nicole Edder vs. Eva Scoonover and Sarah Martinez Juniors - Rock Gibbs and Andy Josvich vs. Landon Hill and Grant Greeves Seniors - Jerrod Prosser and Grant vs. Jude Martinez and Chris Scott

July 3rd Event - This is the main event of the year and we won't have Chief. ALL members are needed.

Tent & Fence - 8 to 12 PM. Tent should take 1 hour but the fence will take 2-3 hours.

Bar - 2 to 3 PM (alcohol will be picked up by Chris Miller at 3 PM)

Security - Bands will load around 1:30 to 2:00 PM. They do require 5 security personnel. Dack Klein, Tim Pasek offered to be there for security. There will be two wristbands (one for over-21 and one for under-21).

Same Day Sales - 3 to 9 PM. A tent with tablets will be set up in the park, outside the event (by the fish pond) at 3 PM. That time may change. Chief will arrange for some generators to be available for lighting, etc. as night comes.

Mike Trahan, Patrick Rondinelli, Ted Pullig, Danny Wilbur, Bumper Williams, Tim Pasek, Tom Tyler, Tom Fedel, and Chris Miller can be available all day to help for setup.

Day of Sales and Door Volunteers (3 to 9): Tim Pasek, Jonatan Salazar, Patrick Rondinelli, Tyler Ferguson, Steve Martinez, Mike Trahan, Dack Klein, David Turner (partial time), and Craig Kaminsky (partial time).

Event Department members will be assigned jobs (for the below criteria) as they arrive by David Turner and/or Chris Lee.
Doors (3 per door), Bands, Security, Beer Tents, Shirt Sales (OVFD, Yonder), Tear Down & Kid Games Setup

Water Tent - Maureen O'Driscoll, wife of Craig Kaminsky, will setup and run a water tent during the event.

Event Security - We will need a bevy of fire fighters to also assist with security during the event.

July Fourth - Parade, Kid Games, Water Fights, and Fireworks.

Tender: Nate, Chris Lee, and Craig Ladder: Danny Engine: Tyler '36: David Turner

Tying Fireworks - this is tentative based on whether or not there will be a show. It'll be a full show if it can go, so a lot to tie. Friday, July 1 starting around 1 PM. We will need the City Shop and Danny does not think it'll be an issue with us using the storage at the City Shop for the fireworks over the weekend.

Fireworks Shooting - Danny Wilbur, Chris Miller, Bumper Williams, Mike Trahan, and Tom Fedel.

Kids Games - Regular crew. Sawdust (Chris Miller) and Eggs/Pies (Tom Fedel).

Chris Miller noted one of the trailers needs to have a tire repaired. John Fedel noted that one of the trailers need to be rebuilt/fixed up. New tubes and other equipment has arrived.

Side by Side - The new equipment needs to be mounted and loaded onto the new vehicle so that it can begin to be used for calls, etc. Danny Wilbur offered to help.

Vehicle Staging on the Fourth - Patrick Rondinelli has the Ladder on the East side of town. Craig Kaminsky has the Tender on the West side of town.