April 11, 2022 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

MAMS - OVFD will pour on June 23rd and 30th. Final dates are now set.

Maintenance Schedule - Tom Fedel and Chief are working together to wrap up the maintenance flow and scheduling.

New Business things coming

July 3rd Event - An involved discussion revolved around the event. A motion was made to proceed with Yonder Mountain String Band together with Mountain Air Music Series. MAMS would put up the money for the band; OVFD would pay for all front money (stage, sound) as well as being in charge of alcohol purchases and sales. A motion was made, seconded and passed with one vote against and three abstentions.

July 4th - The Assistant Chief and Chief will not be here this year, both of whom are key players for the fireworks show. John Fedel will be picking up and helping the Chiefs with the show. Space is needed to store fireworks for a few days prior to to the Fourth. Chief is checking with the city shop and crew. Danny Wilbur thinks the shop may be open for storage on July 1. Lieutenant Miller needs help prior to July 1 getting the trailers ready.

The city will not be putting up the bleachers this year for the water fights. They're in disrepair.

Banquet - Sunday, May 15 was proposed as the date. Invites will be sent once a place is finalized as Chief is working on this currently.

After Prom - The After Prom crew requested a donation from OVFD for $750. A motion was made to donate $751. A motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Wildland Crew - RFD and OVFD are working to prepare and use some crews.

Training - The Chiefs are working on a live burn for Saturday, May 7 at 8 AM in Ridgway. It is a large structure and will be quite involved. Lieutenant Miller noted that lots of people will be needed for this training.

Streets - Street cleaning is Saturday night, April 30. Crews will meet at the fire house at 8 PM. WENS reminders will be sent.

Side by Side - The new vehicle is good to go and ready to use!