September 13, 2021 Meeting

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Grants - Great news. The grant that Bumper was working on for 17 new SCBAs came through! It is more than $400,000 split between Log Hill, Ridgway and Ouray. We have accepted the grant and have a bit of work to do but sometime within a week or two we will be placing the equipment orders with Log Hill, Ridgway and Ouray. With the general timeline for the ordering process, we expect to have the new gear by early 2022.

Bumper is already hard at work on another grant for radios. His goal is to have one radio and charger at each locker.

2022 Budget - We are taking over Squad and, as such, the budget is being adjusted. In addition to Squad 11, we are looking to add a new apron out front, painting the fire house, replacing heaters, lights and the door to the Squad bay, and installing new garage door openers. In terms of capital equipment, Chief is looking to add new, updated gear (harnesses, etc.) as well as putting in lockers and RIT packs. Chief asked the department to think of things we might need and to text him any ideas over the next few days.

Squad 11 - As noted above, Squad 11 officially move under the auspices of Ouray Fire. For the first year, these will not be paid positions. As the billing process gets ironed out, paid positions may be revisited. Additional training will be offered related to extrication.

Trainings - Fire Leadership in Keystone will be October 19 - 22. The Ignacio Fire Academy will be September 27 - October 3. If any fire fighters are interested in attending Ignacio, they need to get with Chief. The Fire Leadership academy is only for officers. Interested officers should also speak to Chief ASAP.

Kevin Koprek has a line on a special training for extrication with an outside instructor. He will coordinate with the trainer and get back to the Chief.

Invoices - We have an invoice for $3067.00 for our shirts. A motion was made to pay the invoice. The motion was seconded and unanimously passed.

Donations and Thank You's - Khristopher's Culinaire donated $100. We were also given a photo of the raising of the flag at the Twin Towers on 9/11, which Chief framed for hanging in the department. We also received a photo of Ray Marke and a case of peaches from his daughter as a thank you for doing his celebration event.

Membership - We have five to six outstanding applicants (waiting on one more to come in) and will be interviewing them on Wednesday, October 6. Brittany Kunz submitted her resignation to the department, effective immediately. A motion was made to accept her resignation. The motion was seconded and passed.

Kids and Fire Houses - Chris Lee and Danny Wilbur were looking at taking the trucks to the kids this year. They're also coordinating with Ridgway to do both on the same day. Chris Lee will communicate with Craig Kaminsky to fill out the roster.