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July 3rd/4th - The department had a fantastic July 3rd event. The department is set to profit $10,000+ from the event. The department is very grateful to Dave Turner for all his work to establish this event. The department will give Dave a card, signed by all members, a $250 Visa gift card and a signed, old helmet. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

The Fourth itself was also an excellent and well-run day. The fireworks show went well with a single spot fire, which was quickly handled by the on-hand wildland crew. It is important to note that we get - and manage - these small spot fires each year during the fireworks show.

We also received a $250 check from Full Tilt for entry at the July 3rd show.

We have one outstanding invoice, Ouray Liquors for $1500, from the event. A motion was made, seconded and approved to pay this liquor.

A big thank you to Ridgway Fire as well. They provided a great deal of assistance on the Fourth, including the Wildland team.

Training and Membership - We are currently only at 19 total members, with 8 open spots (2 spots are 'reserved' for leave of absences). We do have several pending applications for membership. Craig Kaminsky will coordinate with the officers and applicants to establish interview dates and times in prior to the August meeting.

DFPC is bringing their truck class to Ouray County. It'll be Thursday, July 22 through Sunday, July 25. The event will be at the fire house in Ridgway.

A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept Taylor Brantley's resignation.

Craig Kaminsky will coordinate with Ridgway officers to setup a meeting to establish training sessions for the next few months.

A new group is working to open a new academy in Delta. Chief received some information about it and will share with the department at next month's meeting.

Duty Shirts and Dress Uniforms - Chief is going to order them in November to be under the 2022 budget.

Compressor - Chief is going to sell the old compressor for $1500. The officers will decide how to utilize the funds once received.

SCBA Grant - We are still in round two but the process lingers on. We're still in a waiting mode.

Highgraders - Steve Martinez requested a donation from the department for the 2021 event. A motion was made to donation $1000. The motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Technology - Ted Pullig requested the department invest in a PA system for the kids game and water fights. Chris Miller will request a friend of his, who works in this field, to get more information about the systems, etc.