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MAMS - June 24th - This will be an all-hands on deck event. 9 AM for beer tent setup on Thursday. No fence for the MAMS. 5 PM (on the dot) to prep for serving and the event itself. Really, it boils down to manpower and work. We will tear down the tent that night.

July 3rd - Chief got 800 feet of fence from Home Depot and will get another 800 feet when they restock. Bumper will check on posts to ensure we have enough. Tent and fence setup at 9 AM on the 3rd. Doors open at 5. Fire fighters report back at 3 PM to finish fencing and prep to serve, etc. We have some leeway with the truck and staging for the event.

Fireworks Tying - Tying will start on Thursday, July 1 at 4 PM. We can finish up on July 2 and 3 as needed. Tying is adults only.

July Fourth - Chris Miller will get the sawdust. Craig will take care of obtaining the bank for the Fourth. Kids game setup will be after the event on July 3rd.

Parade - We have a lot of floats planned for the event. Steve Duce and John Fedel will start out the parade with the FD and PD. Wilbur Ladder. Craig Kaminsky will be on the Rhino. Adam Kunz will be on the 36. Nathan Judd will drive the Tender and Sam Tyler and Max Austin will run the hose from the top. Tyler Ferguson will take the Engine. Retired Fire Fighter Craig Hinkson has organized a color guard for the parade as well.

Kids game - The department was reminded that no vehicles are to be on Fellin field. Golf carts only. Chief will give Steve Martinez his golf cart so a speaker system can be used. The department will get 1 case of eggs, plastic for the pie eating contest and 3 dozen pies. Danny Wilbur suggested we widen the track for the kids races. Tear down is immediately following the kids game.

Water Fights - Setup at 12:50 PM. Highway closes around 1 PM. No bleachers (they're falling apart). We are short fights at the moment. Right now we just have two fights slated. The department is going to also grab some garden hoses and we'll also hold a "kids" fight at the start of the event. Steve Martinez is still working on trying to round up another set of water fighters or two.

Fireworks Show - The department will load the fireworks after July 1 (times to finish on the 2nd or 3rd will be determined based on progress on the 1st). It is going to be a big show and every tube is going to be loaded. Danny Wilbur will bring the backhoe or skid steer that night to help block/protect the show area the night of the Fourth.

Truck Staging - After the water fights, we want to move one truck to each side of town. The Ladder Truck will be at school with Patrick. Command will be with Adam Kunz. Ted Pullig will have the Rhino. The Engine will be with Craig Kaminsky on the west side.

Membership - Taylor Brantley moved back to Texas and, as such, had to resign from the department. Dack Klein requested a short-term (3-months) leave of absence for personal issues. A motion was made to approve a leave of up to 6-months. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made to approve the resignation of Trevor Latta from last month. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

SCBA Grant - Bumper Williams noted that we got a credit check on our Dunn and Bradstreet account and that could very well indicate that the grant is moving along well. The funding organization still has not determined an awardee. The current expectation was that it would be awarded in July.

GMC Commercial - We earned $2000 from the commercial. The money went to the city for equipment for the side-by-side.

Weather and Departmental Cooperation - With an increasing drought and run of high heat, Ridgway and Ouray will both automatically respond to active fire calls as part of a mutual aid program. Treat all communications the same (whether it's a Ouray-based call or a Ridgway-based call).