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Banquet - The event will be on May 22 at the Jocci Ranch and catered by Rib City. The only thing the department needs to do is set up the tent. Tables and chairs arrive Thursday. Patrick believes Friday, May 21 is the best day to setup the tent: Danny, Craig, Chris, Patrick, and Bumper at 10 AM. We'll also need to order a Port-a-Potty, which Chief Kunz will coordinate. Craig Kaminsky will coordinate alcohol from Ouray Liquors.

Memorial - Ray Marke's life celebration is on June 13 in Fellin Park and we have a special permit to serve alcohol at this event. The tent also needs to be set up, which requires 5 people: Brittany, Craig, Kevin, Chris, Patrick, and Adam. A group of fire fighters were willing to pitch in.

Music in the Park - We are serving June 24th for the only Music in the Park event this summer. 10 AM tent setup a crew will be organized with David Turner. All are required for the evening's event.

July 3 - As with Music in the Park, everything appears to be a go and all fire fighters are required. Chief had an idea to generate a bit more funds for the department: a pull up bar where you (try to) hang for 2 minutes. James Bishop will be here for the Fourth and has offered to DJ the lift bar event. Entry is $20 and the prize is $200. A motion was made to go forward this event. The motion was seconded and passed to run the event on July 3rd.

July 4 - As of now, we continue to be on track for a full July Fourth celebration (parade, kids game, water fights, firework show). Chief received a call from Dave Anderson from Grand Junction who is retiring from his career in, well, firework things. He wants to retire and donate all of his old shells, mortars and tubes to us. It is thousands of dollars of fireworks and supporting equipment. Bumper Williams offered to be a part of the crew to go get the items.

Graduation Party - Haley Kunz invited OVFD to her graduation part on June 5 at 3pm (it's the weekend after graduation). Rib City is catering and Adam only ask attendees bring beverages.

John Fedel - John had knee replacement surgery today. Craig will make dinner for John and Tammy and bring with flowers. He'll be out at least 8 weeks for recovery.

Member Gifts - Chief ordered a plaque for Junior for his 33+ years of service. Adam also got a nice axe for Trevor Latta for his time as chief. Both items should get here before the banquet and both (former) members are invited and wanted to attend.

Membership - Trevor Latta turned in his resignation to the department tonight. A motion was made to push back the resignation acceptance once month. The motion was seconded and passed. Chief will speak to Trevor directly this week.

Training/Mock Accident - Friday, May 14 is the mock accident at the Ridgway Fairgrounds. Chris Miller is running a walk-through on Thursday night at 6 PM at the Fairgrounds. The event, itself, will start at 9 AM. Ouray members will meet at 7:50 AM here at the fire house so we are in Ridgway on time. May 22, at 8 AM, is a drivers course for fire trucks in Ridgway. OVFD will also run a specific "Back up the Truck into the Bay" training here at the fire house sometime in the next 4-6 weeks.

Scholarships - After a discussion the committee recommended $1000 scholarships for Audrey Gibbs and Sadie Dunham. A motion was made to approve the committees recommendation. The motion was seconded and passed.

SCBA Grant - The grant awarding was postponed and should be in sometime in late-May to mid-June.

Commercial - GMC is shooting a commercial up Camp Bird later this week and they need water for the event. They're willing to pay $1000 a day for the Tender to be on scene. Chris Miller does not have a time yet but is looking for volunteers. Kevin Koprek and Sam Tyler offered to help with Chief Kunz as a backup.