February 08, 2021 Meeting

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Joint Training - Adam provided the department with an annual calendar - through September at this time - for training throughout 20201. This week, we have a joint training in Log Hill PPE/SCBA (details on the calendars). There is another joint training on February 10th in Ridgway focused on truck content and SCBA.

Ouray School Kids - Chris Lee and Danny Wilbur are going to bring the trucks up to the school. The ladder will be in the alley in between the playground and the school. If enough people are available, we can bring up the Engine and stage it in the alley by the gymnasium. Chris was suggesting the first week of March either in the morning or around lunchtime. Craig Kaminsky, Chris Miller, Max Kunz and Adam Kunz are all available to help early that week. Chris Lee will coordinate with fire fighters.

Topper for Command - The new Command is getting a new topper tomorrow. Chief requested suggestions from the department for how to best utilize the topper. He was planning to do this on Friday around 5:00 pm (weather cooperating).

Fireworks - Chief suggested we do an inventory of the department's stock and where we might stand on a July 4 show. Bumper suggested ordering another show's worth so we always have one in the bank. Chris Miller noted it would be done before the next meeting.

Training Hours - End of February is the deadline to get hours in for last year. Chief encouraged department members to get all straggler hours into the city this month.

Election - Next month. Chief requested for all to throw their hats in the ring. The hope is to have an in-person meeting, pandemic allowing.

Special Funds - Over 20,000. Move 10,000 into interest bearing vehicle to make a few bucks on it.

Grants - Danika is finishing up the grants but needs Ouray to report data to the federal reporting system for fires in order for the grant to be successful. This must happen quickly as the grant is due Friday.

Additionally, Bumper Williams is finishing up a micro-grant for radios. He feels there is a high probability that we will be awarded this grant.

Homecoming - The department was asked to help with the school's homecoming festivities. We will organize a bonfire/burn pile from the felled and dead Christmas trees already down at Rotary Park. The department will send either the Engine or Tender to the park, using the remaining two trucks for a "parade" down Main Street and accompanied by the high school kids' in their decked-out cars. The parade will start at 7:30pm. Craig Kaminsky will text the bonfire crew a few minutes out and they will light the bonfire so it's burning as the kids arrive.