January 11, 2021 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

New Years Eve Show - The department received a LOT of wonderful compliments on the fireworks show (all well-deserved as it was a heck of a show!). Captain John Fedel commended the department not just for the show itself but for all the support and work the department put into the event.

New Business things coming

Radios - Bumper Williams has been working with our grant writer, Danica, over the last month or so and we are close to getting a large grant for a range of radios to be used across the department. Bumper's goal is to ensure that each fire fighter has his/her own VHF radio where officers will have dual-bands. Bumper and Danica feel good about this grant and another for SCBAs.

Chief requested we get an up-to-date invoice from Danica so that we can get her paid.

Leave of Absence - Amy Winterrowd requested a short-term leave of absence from the department. A motion was made and passed, unanimously, to approve her leave.

New Member - Taylor Brantley was able to join for the meeting and was welcomed to the department as one of our two members.

Joint Training - Assistant Chief Adam Kunz is coordinating with Ridgway to create a schedule for 2021 with weekly training where we'd alternate locations (Ridgway/Ouray). For now, the training team is working with Wednesday evenings as that's traditionally worked well for most fire fighters. Adam will coordinate with the officers to lay out a schedule a formal plan.

Anniversary - Steve Martinez noted that last Friday was their 20th anniversary on the department. Woo hoo!