November 09, 2020 Meeting

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Membership - We had two new applicants for membership to the department. Tom Fedel and Taylor Brantley. Both members gave excellent interviews and were highly recommended for membership. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to add both Tom and Taylor to the department. For mentors, Tom Fedel will have Adam Kunz and Chris Lee. Taylor Brantley will have Bumper Williams, Chris Miller and Dack Klein.

VHF vs. 800 - The officers held a discussion to go over the potential issues with moving to 800 for our communications. One of the potential drawbacks for 800 is that air support would still be on VHF due to interference.

Training - Chief mentioned that the city would like to get some new flags up on top of City Hall. When we're ready, Joe Coleman will have the new flags to add. Typically, we do this on a Saturday around 8 AM. Looking ahead the next two are open. A few members noted being available this Saturday. A reminder will be sent for the training.

Assistant Chief Adam Kunz informed the department we'll have a combination training with Ridgway this Wednesday night. It'll focus on turkey fryer dangers. This session will also include some extrication work for the Squad 11. The training will be out on County Road 12. Adam is also working on some opportunities at a soon-to-be unused property (and home) in the county that will encompass a wide range of events (wildland, rope work, etc.).

National Christmas Tree - will be at the Ouray Courthouse this winter before it heads to DC. The tree itself is from Delta. There's going to be a small "parade" with a truck from Ridgway and one from Ouray.