October 12, 2020 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Membership - Chris Folssom returned from a leave of absence to the active roster. We also welcome back our junior fire fighters, Sam and Max, who return from a summer of work. Brittany Kunz remains away, on deployment, in Wyoming fighting a fire.

New Business things coming

Donations - We received a donation from Dee Williams on behalf of ... for $xxx.

Officer Roundtable - Bumper Williams wants to get rolling, mostly, with truck checks. He thinks having three crews set up, rotating will be ideal. This will help ensure that hoses and other equipment is operational and to familiarize fire fighters with truck organization and the like. The officers will sort out the details and present the specifics of the plan to the department.

Adam Kunz is working on an every-other-week schedule for training so that we can get back in gear after a challenging 2020 (for things like in-person trainings). The department held a brief discussion as to what to do about the lack of participation in training, etc. One of the points of emphasis in the discussion is that no member of the department should respond to a call without attending trainings, which has happened frequently.

There are some live fire training opportunities coming up over the Fall with Ridgway Fire Department. They have a house to burn and will arrange the specifics in the coming weeks. Chris Miller mentioned the place is huge so there are a lot of opportunities to get a wide range of trainings. Chris said the department(s) has until about end of year to finish with the house. It should become available quite soon.