September 14, 2020 Meeting

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Donations - The department has received a $200 check from the late Michael Boyle. Bumper Williams also got us a donation from a media company doing a commercial for $2500. There was a motion to put this in our special funds and use for the Rhino. A motion was made and passed to use these funds for the Rhino and fireworks trailer (Rhino first and then, if any left, the trailer).

Training - the academy is cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Chief noted that this will/does make it more challenging to get your 36 hours in for the year.

In addition, Adam Kunz is interested in getting with the city personnel who track hours so that every meeting we can review hours with the department to keep folks on track, etc.

Finally, there are two upcoming training opportunities. First, there is a hose-related training coming up with Ridgway that will be run by a third-party company. Details, as available, will be sent to the department via a WENS. Second, there will be a live fire training with Ridgway FC between October 1 and 4. This, like the previous driver’s trainings, will be sign up only. Details to follow, as we have them, in a WENS.

Tones/Codes - The department may begin to see new codes or tones for some calls; specifically those for traffic accidents. It will be a code number and letter. For example, 29 Bravo would mean it is a traffic accident and there are some concerns about health/injury. This will rarely affect Ouray. It’s more for larger groups where you would have different crews (swift water rescue with a boat vs extrication for a car accident, etc.). For what it's worth, 'Echo' is the MOST severe injury/health state.

Membership - There was some discussion about former member Chris Folsom returning. It was noted that Chris will need to submit a new application, etc. There are some outstanding applications to setup for interviews, etc. With the new flow from the pandemic easier to manage, the department is comfortable resuming interviews.

We also had a milestone this month with Brittany Kunz hitting her 1 year mark; making her an official and full-fledged member.

Tent - The Ouray School inquired about renting our large tent. They would cover insurance (specifically, either a security deposit of $4000 or the requisite insurance) on the tent but the department would be required to setup and tear down. A motion was made and passed to allow, if needed, the school to rent our tent.