July 13, 2020 Meeting

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Donations - The department received a $200 donation and thank you note from a Ouray citizen. The department also received a donation from Khristopher's Culinaire.

Fire Mitigation - Chief has been approached by a local home owner for an opportunity to get some fire mitigation on a property as part of a larger wildland training push.

Wildland Call Response - Heretofore, we typically get on scene, size it up, get lat/lon and hold the fort until the BLM folks arrive. Basically, if it's a fire on BLM/Forest land, it's there fire and we're just holding ground. We do have a small crew of members who do have their red cards (Adam Kunz, Craig Kaminsky, Kevin Koprek, Chris Lee). Those members could, on such a call, begin to address the fire (dig lines, etc.). Chief noted that if enough members are interested in a sawyer class, we could arrange one for those members.

Command Vehicle - Chief is off to Junction tomorrow to pick up a new Command vehicle!! There was much rejoicing!

Membership - We have 4 open applications and 8 open spots. With aspects of the pandemic lightening in terms of numbers allowed to meet, etc., Craig Kaminsky will coordinate with these applicants to setup interviews, etc.

Grants - Danika has procured $10,000 for radios already and is working on more grants for new SCBAs and other, related gear.