March 09, 2020 Meeting

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Calendar Items - Annual pack test and wildland refresher. Pack test is April 4 at 7:15 am. Refresher follows. March 11, OVFD will escort the Boys Basketball team to State. The mock accident is set for Friday, April 17. Chris Miller needs to know sooner rather than later who can participate. The basketball fundraiser game is at 6 pm on Friday, April 10 at the Ouray School gym.

Salamander - an ID system for first responder groups. Chief will supple the initial data for department members enabling each member has their fire department and fire fighter ID in the system. This ID will now be required for things like getting fire fighter specific license plates.

501.3c - Chief spoke to a couple of accountants about the process. The main issue is we do need to pay for the application and Chief is working on finishing that process up as well.

Participation - Adam reiterated the need for members to be better (and better and better) about showing up for calls and related events.

Fireworks - Bumper mentioned that if we want to get pre-tied materials that we need to order them soon. We also needed to get, or are close to needing to purchase, a new firing mechanism, which is $7000. We have a few thousand saved from a donation from Ouray Silver Mines but will need, once our banking accounts are properly setup, to raise more money (GoFundMe, etc.). John Fedel has some thoughts on a backup approach but all agreed we need to be able to upgrade our firing systems and the main motivation behind this system is the safety factor.

A motion was made to spend up to $7000 on a new firing system. The motion was seconded. The motion was passed with two fire fighters registering “no” votes.

Elections - A motion was made to retain the three elected officers (secretary, treasurer, and assistant chief). The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.