February 10, 2020 Meeting

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SJBL District Tournament Brochure - Coach Pearce requested the department to re-up their annual full-page, $75 ad. A motion was made to renew the add. The motion was seconded and passed. Craig Kaminsky will coordinate with Coach Pearce.

March Elections - Chief reminded the department that the secretary, assistant chief, and treasurer are up for re-election.

July 3rd Ball - The department was advised that we need to up our allotted fees for bands for the July 3rd show. A motion was made to approve Dave Turner to use up to $2000 for lining up musicians for the event. The motion was seconded and approved. Dave also suggested we add $500 to the pot for advertising and promotions. Dave is also working on the openers and we might have a chance to get two opening acts with our new budget. A motion was made to to approve the $500 for advertising. The motion was seconded and passed.

Hats - Ted Pullig presented an invoice for department hats. The department was requested to choose between a couple of design options. A motion was made to get 25 mesh trucker hats and 25 solid hats. The motion was seconded and passed.

Correct 501.3c - The original organization was setup with the city’s details but need to now get it (the 501.3c) recreated so that the funds are truly and properly set under OVFD and not the city. A motion was made to spend up to $500 with an accountant to properly setup the New 501.3c and related bank accounts. The motion was seconded and passed.

Training - Wednesday, 6 pm at the fire house. A WENS will be sent. A busy April of training is ahead and Chris Miller will relay more details to the department at the March meeting.

Kindergarten - The class is looking to do a meet and greet on either a Monday or Thursday later in February. Monday’s would be around 2-3 pm and Thursday would be in the morning. Chris Lee will coordinate the date/time and relay to Craig for department-wide notification (WENS).