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Ignacio Fire Academy - Three folks signed up (Max, Adam and Brittany). Chief checked if any other fire fighters are interested but, this year, the academy falls on a tough weekend and few are in town/available. Chief will reserve two rooms. Chris Miller reported that only four are headed from Ridgway this year as well and, as such, there are most likely available beds for any last minute attendees.

Picnic - Steve Duce is going to talk to Chris at the market to get our steaks (30 strips, 20 rib eyes, hot dogs and some chips). Adam check our existing supplies and, based on that information, will speak to Matt Genuit to obtain any additional drinks. The tent is already up so, at the moment, we will not need to gather members to put the tent up.

Horseshoe Contest Fund Raiser - A local woman was recently injured in a car accident. A local group is putting a fund raiser together (horseshoe content) on September 21 at Miner’s Park. Members were encouraged to attend.

Training - For the remainder of Summer and Fall, we are going to hit training again hard (and now that the summer craziness has slowed). The current plan is to have something going every Wednesday night. A plan was to do alternating nights with Ridgway and the chiefs will discuss that in detail. For now, we will start with Wednesdays at 6pm. Craig will send a WENS earlier in the day on Wednesdays to remind the department. Chris noted that Ridgway has quite a few cars to cut up for future trainings.

Delta Technical College - The school is looking to offer Firefighter 1 and Hazmat Operations and polled the department to see if there were any interest from OVFD. Chief is going to get back with the coordinator and look into whether or not they might be willing to do an on-site course in Ouray (or Ridgway) should we provide good numbers, etc.

September 11 (Wednesday) - We will perform our standard memorial for 9/11. Available members should show up at 7:30 AM at the department in Duty Shirts and Bunker Gear. A reminder will be sent.