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Elks BBQ - The Elks will hold a "grillin' and chillin'" event in their park and are looking for two members of OVFD to be "judges". It's Saturday, August 17, form noon to 4pm, and it's all the BBQ judges can eat. Kevin Koprek is a solid, definitive maybe. Chris Miller may also be able to fill in as an OVFD member as Ridgway has more than 2 options.

Fireman's Picnic - The annual picnic is coming up. The department opted for Sunday, September 22 from 12 until ... in Fellin Park. Invites will be sent next week (electronically to the active members and USPS mail for retirees). The department will discuss some further details on specifics for the picnic at our September meeting.

Mentors - Our two new members, Brittany Kunz and Dallas Farlin, require mentors. Bumper Williams (office) and Nathan Judd (fire fighter) will be the mentors for both Brittany and Dallas.

EMT Classes - from this Wednesday through December 20, Max and Dallas will miss a lot of trainings and meetings because of the EMT class. A motion was made to excuse them from said meetings and trainings for their classes.

FJ Car Wash - The final split was $800 for the department and $500 for the middle school boys basketball team. The FJ group also gave the department a donation of $1350. Junior Mattivi will send a check to the Ouray School for the middle school boys basketball team.

Ball Caps - The department decided on one color (vs. one color for officers, etc.). Ted is looking into a navy blue base. Several department members requested that some of the caps are made with the snap-back design.

Alpine Bank - Adam Kunz is going to visit with Alpine Bank to go over some 501-3C options for the department and it donors as it regards our fireworks shows and related equipment (trailers, etc.).

Highgraders - Steve Martinez requested money for the department donate $1000 (once again) to this year's event. A motion was made, seconded and passed to donate the money.

Membership - Justin Clark stepped down from the department this evening. He will be leaving Ouray in the upcoming weeks/months. He will return his pager and other details to Bumper before he leaves.