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Fundraisers - The department had a very productive month of fundraising. Final tallies will be available at the August meeting. Tips, alone, topped $3300 from the two music in the park beer pouring events and the July 3rd event.

New Business things coming

July 3 Debrief - Overall the department was very pleased with the event. Dave Turner mentioned reserving the Community Center as a backup should weather become an issue for the outdoor event.

July 4 Debrief - The fireworks show was a huge hit. Department members have received numerous compliments about the show. While there were a few complaints about the wetness of the parade, the department noted we simply need to keep communicating that the East side of Main is the dry side.

The kids game were not as well-run as we have done so in the past. At one point, a single department member was at Fellin Park and the rest of the department is setting up the water fights. There were just too many people at the fights setup and not enough at the park. Next year, the department will return to meting out slots and assignments for the Fourth.

The water fights themselves were a little disappointing (in the duration of the fights). Other than the shorter fights, it was a solid event and was well-run and safe. Coordination with the police and public works was also great this year. It was easy to shut down and clean the road (easier than it has in years past).

The department was incredibly pleased with this year’s show. Other than a few critiques on being increasingly prepared ahead of schedule for the show. The only time we had issues with specific fireworks was on tubes that were rushed, etc. Better prep should eliminate more and more of those misfires.

Tube Flipping and Cleaning - Danny Wilbur said we have a good dumping place near the city shop. Bumper mentioned that Steve Martinez was able to procure some heavy duty plastic from FCI to help secure and protect the tubes and trailers. The department will meet Wednesday evening, July 10 at 6:30pm at the City Shop. Steve asked that we offer the FCI crew a hoodie and two t-shirts as a thanks for the plastics donation.

Ordering Pre-tied Shows - Chief noted that we had a few of these types and it seemed to make it a bit easier. John mentioned we’ll need to get on it earlier for next year but it’s not a guarantee.

Trailers and Computer System for Fireworks - Adam Kunz mentioned looking to try and fundraise close to $10,000 to cover the trailer costs and the fireworks shooting computer system (the system is around $3000), which will show what shots don’t go and help us track the fireworks better and more safely. The department is hoping we can get a little from the city but will look to alternative avenues for raising funds (Network for Good, GoFundMe, etc.).

FJ Car Wash - The car wash is Saturday, July 20. The middle school boys basketball team will be our workers/partners. Chief recommended we setup at 1pm and will open between 2 and 3pm based on how many FJs are waiting. Craig Kaminsky will relay the work details to the middle school boys team. Since the group is younger, we do need fire fighters working the hoses and some of the more physically demanding tasks. The department will provide some food and water to keep everyone going.

End of Summer Picnic - The department was reminded that our annual picnic is coming up in early September.

Membership - Two new applicants were interviewed late last month. Brittany Kunz and Chris Fairchild both interviewed very well and the committee recommended they be put onto the department without reservation. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to put both Brittany and Chris on the department.

Trainings - In September, Ridgway will offer training every Wednesday. Before September, Chris Miller has a few wildland-style trainings planned for some Saturdays and will relay those to Craig Kaminsky.

PA System - The department is looking into getting a new PA system for both the kids games and the water fights. Ted Pullig will pick up from Steve Martinez in terms of checking in at Citizens Bank, who donated the previous PA system a couple decades ago.

Trucks - Danny Wilbur will coordinate with the city to check out the siren on the Ladder Truck and a couple of the lights on the Engine.

Ball Caps - Ted Pullig brought up new caps for the department. Department members were encouraged to bring designs and ideas in to next month’s meeting so the department can vote on a design or two.