May 13, 2019 Meeting

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Scholarships - The committee met prior to the meeting. After some discussion, the department has decided to award $500 each to: Scout Manley, Jaden Kunz, Cooper Rondinelli, Lauren Fairchild and Venisha Harding.

State Track Escort - Chris Miller and Bumper Williams will provide the escort for the State Track and Field team on Wednesday, May 15 at 9:30 AM.

Membership - We will interview a new applicant this week, John Baker. The tentative plan is to meet on Wednesday, May 22 at 6:00 PM. Craig will coordinate with the applicant to finalize the interview time.

Training - S130 and S190 will be offered in Montrose in early June. More details will be disseminated to the department as available. Ridgway Fire is looking to start back up with the first Saturday’s trainings. They’ll focus on Wildland work over the next few minutes. Trainings will start up again on Wednesday (5/22) at 6:30.

Burn Pile Training - The department reviewed last Saturday’s training. The Ice Park burn went mostly well with two suggestions: dig the fire lines before setting the burn and spread out the piles more for future burns. Chief noted that there are more burn piles available that could be used for more training this Fall.

FD Items - Bumper suggested that OVFD retrieve items that are on display in O’Brien’s. Craig will write up a letter to the pub requesting the return of our items later this week.

Fire House - Kudos to Bumper Williams and crew who have done a TREMENDOUS job reorganizing and cleaning the house. It looks absolutely awesome and the crew has done an incredible job. However, members were reminded to refamiliarize themselves with equipment location as some items have been moved.

Fireworks - Bumper noted that we do need to get up to the hill and ensure that all the tubing and such are reset, safe and ready to go for the Fourth. Bumper noted that we will need an extra load of sand for the upcoming shows and will coordinate with the relevant parties.