March 11, 2019 Meeting

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Scholarships - The application window is open. It opens from March 1 through April 30 and is available at In early May, the scholarship committee will meet to recommend awardees.

May Banquet - The department initiated discussions on locations where we could have the annual banquet. Chief threw out Brickhouse and, if it's open, cater it and have it on top of the bank. Steve Martinez suggested we go to the Bon Ton. In terms of dates, the department discussed the first few Saturdays in May. The department opted to pencil in May 11 as the tentative date. This will be confirmed at the April meeting.

Basketball Charity Game - The game is scheduled for March 22 and will tip around 7 PM. Chris Miller will let Craig Kaminsky know the exact start time, which will then be relayed to the department as a whole. Chief will be gone during the event and has handed the reigns to Chris Miller to manage and communicate details to the department.

Fireworks - The city administrator was interested in our feedback on fireworks going forward. The administrator wanted to know if the department wanted to send members off to get pyrotechnics training or hire a professional company. In general, department members were more interested in getting the training than having an outside company. Chief thought we'd start with training two members per year until we have a good number of members trained.

Ice Park - As a thank you for help schlepping gear around, the Ice Park group provided the department with some hoodies, hats and water bottles as well as a check for $2000.

Spring Break - Chief wanted to see who is in town for break. There were quite a few members who are here during break (at least 10-12). Chris Miller and Chief agreed we'll do the exchanging mutual aid for the two alternating weeks the schools are on break.

Truck Service - The trucks will be getting service tomorrow. First the Engine, then the Tender and then the Ladder. Chief alerted the department to be aware of this in the event we have a call during this period of time.

Elections - It's March and election time. All positions are up this year including the chief. A motion was made to keep the current crew in place: Trevor Latta as Chief. John Fedel as Assistant Chief. Craig Kaminsky as Secretary. Junior Mattivi as Treasurer. Before the motion was seconded, John Fedel felt that the department would be better served with Adam Kunz as the Assistant Chief. A motion was made to have Adam Kunz become our new Assistant Chief alongside the other officers. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Chief announced that John Fedel would transition from Assistant Chief to Captain (Adam's previous position).

Dispatch - Cheif has discussed with the dispatch team being more consistent about paging out fire when they also page EMS (for a call in which we are needed). Chief is interested in getting dispatch to do a tone first and page second since we all respond immediately to the tones (and this would cut down on the lag time before the fire department is notified as well as ensuring they we do get notified).

The department was also informed they should not call the dispatch offices.

Squad 11 - The crew will have a meeting on Wednesday at 6 PM in the fire house (not in the extrication barn). Adam will remind the crew of the meeting ahead of Wednesday evening.

Card for Naomi Franz - Ms. Franz passed away a couple weeks ago. The department is going to get a card for all to sign ahead of her service at the Elks this weekend. The card will be placed at the fire house on Tuesday (March 12) so that members have sufficient time to get in and sign.