February 11, 2019 Meeting

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Dispatch Changes - Fire will be paged for the majority of vehicle accidents unless the PD/SO on scene chooses to stand us down. Once finalized by Dispatch, there will be two pages for vehicle accidents (EMS and Fire). This will be fire that is paged, as opposed to Squad 11/Extrication. Extrication will respond with Fire for Ouray District calls and they still respond to Log Hill calls for assistance. When paged, fire fighters need to report to the house and we go from there in terms of what’s needed, etc.

Elections - Next month all positions are open for election, including Chief. Chief also needs to talk to the City about the FPPA board appointments. Currently, it is manned by John Fedel and Steve Duce and the sense is that, unless they want to step down, we will continue to appoint them.

Basketball Charity Game - There are enough fire fighters interested in playing in this year’s game, so the department is “in”.

Utah Fire Training - In general, reivews were extremely positive and the members attending had an excellent time and learned a lot.

Museum Pages - Patrick asked about working with the alarm in the basement that’s going off without cause. For the month, while their basement is under construction, they’ve pulled that particular alarm. Hopefully, this will reduce the number false alarms.

Grants - Bumper is working on a couple of grants for the department. Cheif discussed getting some assistance from Danika Gilbert in writing some grants, who would be happy to help us once her current schedule clears.