January 14, 2019 Meeting

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NYE Fireworks - Bumper Williams felt the tying went well and that any time they were concerned about the work, they double-tied to ensure it was solid. He felt that if we planned ahead a little more then we’ll save some time and, overall, have a better-suited trailer for the show. Bumper also noted it would be good to have a single person “in charge” of the tying. A quality control in individual, if you will. He felt if we had this in place, our work would improve. There was a general agreement to this approach. Danny Wilbur mentioned we may want to get the trailer up the hill a little earlier next year. Adam Kunz noted that another improvement would be to limit the number of individuals on the trailer tying (so that the work itself is more consistent) to the 2-3 fire fighters who have the most knowledge.

Chief mentioned a show and training in Las Vegas that would be ideal for a few of the members to attend. This would give us exposure to new technology and some general, improved skills for future firework shows. John Fedel mentioned that a lot of the companies and big vendors have moved to computerized systems and that’s something that may be good but not what we have the funds necessary to manage the transition. Adam suggested sending one or two so that we get the coursework as well as a better sense of what the future options may hold.

Extrication Training - Bumper mentioned two cars in Ridgway that can be used for Squad 11 training. One of the cars can be used to practice stabilization and another for cutting. Dates are still being sorted out.

Flag Rope - Danny has some Kevlar rope and we’ll set a date shortly to get that in place.

New Business things coming

Batteries - Tonight, after the meeting, all SCBA and flashlights and HUDs will have their batteries replaced.

Bonfire - This Thursday, January 17 from 7-9:30 PM at the north end of Rotart Park. Setup is at 6 and we’ll meet at the fire house to start. Christmas trees (some) have been setup though more should be added as the week goes on.

Basketball Charity Game - Voyager is interested in doing the game again. March 22 in Ridgway. At this date, it’s probably easiest to do RVFD vs. OVFD (as opposed to Fire vs. Rescue or some other combination). Chris Miller mentioned he had several guys who wanted to play. We’ll confirm who will play and be involved at the February meeting.

Training Reports - Chief will be submitting some training reports and encouraged the department to continue to turn the forms in.

Utah Fire Academy Checks - Chief passed out checks (per diems) to fire fighters for the academy. Adam is in charge and has details on the condo, etc. and can provide to fire fighters as needed. Chief noted that the group will travel in a city car as well as a rental car. He does need assistance on Wednesday, January 23, to get the rental car. Steve Martinez offered to go with Chief to pick up the car. Chief will also have some forms with equipment needs for the academy. He’ll put them on the fire table tomorrow and, if needed, any fire fighter can fill out the form and provide to Chief.

Squad 11 - Patrick noted we should sort out the details of who responds to what calls for extrication as RVFD has now got most of their equipment in place. As is our best understanding at this moment, the ideal is both teams respond to any call. This would alleviate some of the personnel concerns that have plagued previous calls. Further conversation is tabled until Chief Miller is at the next meeting.