December 10, 2018 Meeting

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Extrication - Chris Miller will discuss with Chief Latta when the next extrication class will be for Squad 11.

OVFD Holiday Party - Set for Dec. 16th start time 5:30 pm with dinner beginning at 6:30 pm. OVFD will supply the protein main dish but members are asked to bring a side-dish or dessert. Holiday attire not required.

Fireworks and NYE Show Prep - the City shop can be used for firework prep. Preparations will begin on December 31 at 12:00 with clean up to follow. The department will provide volunteers with lunch provided.

Discussion of OTO subsidizing $10,000 for fireworks along with talks of having to do contracts with the city for 2019.

No boots on the streets for firework fundraising or OVFD asking business owners to sponsor the larger 12-16 tubes. Silverton hired a company outside of the fire department and the cost was 2.5 to 3x what it normally was. OVFD is the safest and most cost effective for holiday pyrotechnics.

The department opted for a smaller New Year’s Eve show so that we have the necessary resources for a larger show on the 4th of July.

Stocks of ‘Quick Match’, foil, duct-tape were mentioned by Steve Martinez.

Flag Rope – Remove/Replace set for Wednesday the 12th at but has moved to Thursday the 13th at 3:45pm. Message regarding change was previously distributed to the department.

Trailer - Bumper updated the OVFD on the new trailer work completed and jobs still to be done. As of December 8th, we can set the tubes at any point.

OTO - What was ‘Ouray Chamber of Commerce’ is now known as O.T.O. and is now working out funding with the city. Discussion about - Originally the Jeep Raffle was to fund the fireworks. The OTO now says that was not the original purpose although they can’t say what the original purpose was or is.

As stated before, the OTO might pay for it but moving forward, contracts will need to be drawn up between the city and the OTO for 2019 and beyond. It was noted that the 4th of July attracts a large number of visitors and locals alike spending a lot of money in the city. The entire day is brought to the city and the tourist by the OVFD.

Lastly, the department needs to purchase 16” tubes as we currently have 12” tubes.

EMI Training - Courses from IS-100 (ICS-100) IS-200 (ICS-200) IS-700a IS-702a IS-203a IS-706 IS-800b

IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700a are all mandatory for everyone have to be compliant for the city to receive funding for large fire calls. will have a list of which classes you have taken everyone must supply their certifications to the department.

IS-300 and IS-400 are being offered in March in Ouray with dates to be determined. IS-300 only will be offered in Gunnison in May, dates to be determined.

Radios - Bumper fast tracking the “Radio Grant” for VHF’s and 800’s and should possibly be finished by the first of the year.

Membership - Tyler Ferguson will be going to EMT training and will miss a total of 4 meetings. Motion was set by Chief Latta to excuse Tyler from the meetings as EMT training will greatly benefit the OVFD on calls when he is available.

Flag Theft - Dack Klein said to be on the lookout and be aware of flags stolen from CDOT property the night before or night of Thanksgiving.