October 08, 2018 Meeting

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Round Table - With no active agenda items, Chief held a round-robin discussion. Bumper Williams has a list of items needed for the department and will provide to Chief. Chief noted we’d have to buy the items before the end of year.

Chris Miller noted that there is a training tomorrow night at 6 PM at the Ridgway Fire House. It was a last-minute event but extended to the entire department.

Chris Lee and Ted Pullig presented the department with Mouse’s and a card from the family whose dog we rescued.

Kevin Koprek noted that there will be a helicopter training with Mountain Rescue. Kevin will relay the final date (later this month) to Craig Kaminsky for dissemination.

Elks Parade (Santa Time) - A call was made for a driver and Chris Miller volunteered to do it. Craig Kaminsky will coordinate specific time and date details.

Preschool - This Wednesday, around 10 AM, the pre-school kids will come by for a tour. Steve Martinez and Chris Lee will help.