September 17, 2018 Meeting

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September 11 (Tuesday) - there will be a 9/11 memorial outside of the community center. Fire fighters will meet at 8 for the 8:30 start (AM). In the past, the department did turnout pants, helmet and work shirts as the “uniform”. Department members agreed to wear the same this year. Steve Martinez will speak on the department’s behalf.

New (Almost) Members - Cheif welcomed our “new” members, Justin Clark and Max Austin, to the crew. Both new members will become official with the September City Council meeting.

Kevin Koprek’s Tent - Kevin was in town for tonight’s meeting and Chief informed him of the department’s intent and interest. He was interested in selling the tent for $2000, which met the asking split price for a Highgraders and OVFD partner. A motion was made to purchase the tent for $2000 total, split ($1000 each), between the two organizations. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Firework Tubes - The firework tubes up on the hill are in need of work and some just need to be rebuilt. If we are going to do a NYE show, we’ll need to get up the hill sooner rather than later to address. Without a NYE show, it’s not as pressing but, if the show is a go, we will want to get up there before the ground freezes, etc. Bumper mentioned that, beyond the tubes, we could do a little pruning and cleaning of the general area as well. And, that too, would be better done sooner rather than later. Chief suggested Saturday, September 29 as our cleaning day and will start around 7 AM.

Fire Academy - Chief reviewed the online sign up form for the Fall Colorado Fire Academy. Craig Kaminsky will send an email to the department with a link to the registration page to all department members.

Active Shooter Training - Chris Miller will coordinate that training information with Craig Kaminsky so that all OVFD members can partake, This is basically a pre-training training (ahead of the November 10 “official” training).