August 13, 2018 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Invoices - An outstanding invoice for $219 for ice for the July 3rd event. Dave Turner will forward onto the department treasurer.

New Business things coming

Tent - Kevin Koprek was looking to sell his wedding tent and Chief noted we could buy it and use it for our events. Bumper suggested we buy it and rent it out for events. Kevin wanted $2000 for it and it was used once (the asking price is about half the cost). Adam Kunz said Highgraders would be willing to pay $1000 toward it if they could just use it for their event.

A motion was made to split the cost with Highgraders (up to $1000 for each group) and store it at the fire house. Dave Turner expressed concern about the viability of renting the tent out to make the money back, including management and setup/maintenance. The department agreed that renting it out isn’t really likely but that we have many events throughout the year that it would be a good addition to the department as is (renting it out or not). The motion was seconded. The motion was passed.

Donations and Thank You Cards - The following organizations made donations to OVFD: Lora from Ouray Chalet; John from Rivers Edge towels and $200, Colorado West and Kevin Koprek bought new tires for Rhino, Rib City donated $1000 and the FJs donated $1300, and some (delicious) cookies from the Woodman family.

FJ Car Wash - A motion was made to raise the amount donated to the girls athletics from the car wash due to the excellent turnout and hard work to $500 per team. The department seconded and passed the motion unanimously.

Membership Applications - Max Austin applied and was interviewed for the position. He has great passion for the fire sciences. He would be a junior fire fighter: cannot drive, cannot go into an interior. He could go on wildland calls as he has his Red Card.

Justin Clark also interviewed for an open position as a full-fledged (i.e., not junior) fire fighter.

A motion was made to put both new applicants onto the department. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Chris Lee offered to be Max’s mentor. Craig Kaminsky will be the officer mentor for Max. Bumper Williams offered to be the officer mentor for Justin and Tyler offered to be his mentor.

Budget Item - John suggested getting a mobile radio for the Rhino and some headsets to go with it since it’s impossible to hear the radio as you’re driving in the Rhino.

Chris Lee was speaking with Colorado West’s owners who was interested in selling a larger, six seater, ATV that has gear storage and might be a better vehicle for us than the current Rhino. Adam Kunz noted that Chris Miller have been through this stuff a lot and might even be looking for something for Ridgway Fire.

Chief is also interested in looking at headsets for the engineers in the trucks as the Tender and Ladder can be difficult for audio communications.

Fund Raising - Chief has a new idea for a fund raiser. An idea was floated for a half-mile duatholon: biking and running. $50 registration fee gets a participant a number and t-shirt. We set booths up all around the track in Fellin: donut station, tequila station, etc. Just silly things where we can get some non-profits in there and making a few extra dollars. It would be held in mid-Fall.

A motion was made to table it until September for more conversation (and for the organizers to get more information and details).

Picnic - The department opted to hold the annual picnic September 9 from noon to 5 PM. Tyler Ferguson offered to handle the steaks (about 50 ... rib eyes and strips) for this year’s event. Chief noted that we are a little low on tequila and vodka, but, otherwise have plenty for the event.

Absorption Pads - John Fedel noted that, after the recent call on Red Mountain, it would be nice to have some absorption pads to pick up fuel better/more efficiently. John found a supplier with a good price and Chief thought it might be a good item to have on the trucks. Bumper has some at the mine and offered to provide a couple of us to test it out, etc. The department will look into this further.

Active Shooter Training - Patrick Rondinelli noted that there is a free, two-day active shooter training session for our county on September 5 and 6. The event is here in Ouray at the Community Center.