June 11, 2018 Meeting

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Bills - The department approved the payment of a few invoices that came in from Max Fire and Duckettt’s related to gear and the banquet.

CIRSA - Chief noted that there may be some changes related to training approaches and focuses to better fit CIRSA requirements and the like. As this evolves over the coming months, fire fighters will, of course, be informed of said changes.

Elks - John Lorimer reached out for some assistance with Flag Day at the Elks park. The Elks need people to hold and walk them around on Saturday, June 16. This would be in the morning, starting 9 AM. Danny, Adam, Chris Lee, and Steve Duce volunteered to assist. Chief suggested that all members wear their duty shirt and pants.

Membership - the membership committee met to interview Sam Tyler and make him our first junior fire fighter. The committee unanimously recommended Sam for membership. A motion was made to admit Sam to the department. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

July 3 - $65.57 needed for poster printing. Ulterior Motives designed the posters - and did a nice job, too! - but needs the department to pay. A motion was made to pay the printing cost. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

The tent will be here on the 2nd and the hope is to have the trailers there that night as well. The department will meet on July 3 at 10 AM to setup everything. We will take down the beer tent and setup the kids games at the end of the night (after the last performance). This worked well last year as we did not have to wake up so early on the Fourth. The department agreed to these plans.

Port-a-potties and trash cans, from MAMS, will be removed at the end of June. As such, the department needs to handle these needs for this year. The department discussed a few different options (use the same companies as MAMS, look to the city and waste management, etc.). Danny Wilbur will check in at work tomorrow to see about getting a 6-yard bin and 4 rolling cans and two recycling cans (since we’re serving cans this year). For the port-a-potties, MAMS has seven but Dave Turner suggests we go with 4 since our crowds are thinner than MAMS. Adam Kunz offered to work with the company and get us set with the four port-a-potties.

Danny Wilbur will also check in on the fencing and posts for both the ‘dance’ on the third and the kids game on the Fourth.

Junior Mattivi will ensure that the tills are set and ready for the event.

We went through 2.5 kegs last year. For this year, we’re going with cans. Upslope and Bug Light/Coors will be provided.

Dave Turner will also set the department up with bands for the event this year.

South Door: Craig Kaminsky 5:30 - 6:30. Steve Martinez and Dack Klein 6:30 - 9:30 North Door: Ted Pullig and Bumper Williams 5:30 - 9:30. Matt and Adam will relieve the door workers as needed. T-shirts: Sam Tyler will sell the department t-shirts during the event.

MAMS - This year will be co-ed pouring on June 21 and 28; rather than breaking up between the fire fighters and spouses.

July 4 - Bumper Williams is taking care of the pies and eggs needed for the Kid’s Games. Chris Miller is taking care of the sawdust. Junior Mattivi will have the coins and other monies for the games as well. Adam Kunz will pick up some new plastic for the games this year.

Parade Assignments: ‘36: Adam driving Ladder: Danny driving Tender: Bumper driving, Chris Lee and Craig Kaminsky on top. Engine: Trevor driving

Adam will check with Craig Hinkson about the color guard.

Kids games: everyone will show up and assist.

Water Fights: There is concern about a possible water shortage. The topic of the water fights is scheduled for the June 18 council meeting. Danny Wilbur is able to get us some data from 2012 on about how much water we use.

Womens fight is set. Eva/Sarah vs. Melissa/Nicole. Mens fight has one team Juniors fight has one team Co-ed fight has one team