July 10, 2017 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Highgraders Donation - Last month we tabled a motion to donate $1000 to Highgraders but wanted to wait and see how we did this summer. With our success this summer, the department motioned to donate the money. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

New Business things coming

FJ Rally - Saturday, July 22 is the car wash event. Setup starts around noon and the wash is from 2 - 5 or 6. This year girls basketball will be the primary workers but all money will be split between basketball and volleyball because volleyball just happens to be at their summer camp that weekend. Danny Wilbur will get us setup with hoses and some of the equipment for the event.

Training - Chief Miller has a joint extrication training this weekend. On Friday night from 6 - 9 PM and Saturday starting at 8 AM until we're finished. Members will meet in Ridgway both days.

July 3 - All were happy from the event and the department is set to clear $2500+ from the event. We've also made note that next year we want to look at wether or not we want an opening act and/or different musicians (just to mix it up ... not for any sense of dissatisfaction).

July 4 - Other than the one misfire on the fireworks, it was a resounding success and members were pleased with the day as a whole. The department is looking into some alternative angles for shooting the fireworks in subsequent years. One item that consistently came up in the discussion was, along with some alternative angles for the shots, we need more crowd control (clear certain areas where people have typically parked to watch, etc.). John Fedel also suggested we double the length of our cable in order to get the fire fighters further from the trailer and fireworks.