June 12, 2017 Meeting

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Active 911 - Cheif reminded all who are signed up under another group that they need to get Chief get the code from that organization so that they can be added to Ouray Fire.

New Business things coming


July 3rd - Dave Turner has sent the invoice for the tent to the Treasurer and Chief and needs to be paid post haste. The total came to $402.50. A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to pay the invoice. Dave also needs a $1000 check to the band and an $800 check for the sound system.

Upslope wants to supply the beer. They'll get us the beer at $50 per keg, which is a great deal. The department was interested in the offer and seeks to supplement their offerings with a keg of Blue Moon, Cider and some Bud Light, which we will get from Ouray Liquors. The overall alcohol expense should be $600-$1000. Rib City wants to do food and will give us a $1000 donation again this year.

We will setup on Monday, July 3rd from 11 AM to 2 PM in order to get the park stuff ready for the night ahead. Craig, Bumper, Chris Lee, Amy, Adam, Travis, and, maybe, Danny. Adam Kunz will grab the alcohol by 2 PM on the 3rd from Ouray Liquors. From 6 PM on, all department members are required to attend and work the event.

The special permit for the Dance needs to be filled out and turned in by tomorrow morning, June 13. Dave will apply for the permit from 12 PM to 2 AM.

July 4th - Tying Fireworks - We will tie and load fireworks on Sunday, July 2 at 12 PM at the city shop. Danny will arrange for us to get a bay at the shop so we can just tie and load in one fell swoop. John Fedel suggested, in order to cut cost, we might have to adjust our order slightly. Other than those minor changes, we'll go with a very similar order.

The department decided to just stick with the same work order from last year for the this year's Fourth. Craig Kaminsky will send the details to the department via email and the department's website.

It also looks like the flyover is on! It's not 100% yet ... but ... looking promising.

Water Fights - Steve has a check for the plaques for the 2017 Water Fights. Eric Schoenebaum will officiate the fights this year.

Contestants: All fights have been filled other than the Junior division.

Senior Men - Staff Sargeant Young and Seargant Pitts (Marine recruiters) vs. Chris and Jude Senior Women's - Megan and Kara vs. Sarah and Eva Coed - Adam and Brittany vs. Richie and L'Aron Junior - Ty Eder and Derek Hanshaw vs. ???

Extrication Training - A large scale extrication training is scheduled for this day. Cars are lined up. Final details will be given at the July meeting.

Highgraders - Steve Martinez asked the department for a $1000 donation to the Highgraders event. The donation would go to help fund the event itself: awards, moving costs, prizes, etc. The department donated $1000 for the 2016 event. Their year's event is August 25 - 27.

In addition, the miner's park committee is looking for a little extra help to finish up the new park area as well. A motion was made to table the issue to the July meeting. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Lake Lenore - Amy Winterrowd relayed that the community near Lake Lenore is looking for assistance with getting fresh, clean water to help clean their picnic area sometime in the next month. While the department considered the possibility, Adam Kunz noted that the water in the lake, under the surface, is clean and could be used with a power washer. Should the department help, the HOA has promised a donation back to the department.

Training - No Tuesday night engine training with Kevin this week as he has an EMS event. Dack asked if we could do a training to help fix the flag pole. Once he gets the rope, he'll communicate with Craig Kaminsky to relay the training event to the department.