May 08, 2017 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

As there was not a quorum for April, there were no old business items to review.

New Business things coming

Guest - Terry Rhoades, who is running for SMPA Director of District 7, came by to promote his candidacy. The ballots are by mail and Terry's name will be one of the listed candidates (versus being a write-in).

Training - June 21 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM with San Miguel Power. This is the same training run twice so that more can make it. The training is at Ridgway but the location is TBD and members will be apprised as we near the date.

Log Hill is offering their annual pack test and refresher. Saturday, May 13.

Active 911 - The new app is live and in use. Chief passed around the sign up sheet for those not yet in the system. We can only sign up members for OVFD. If a member is on another department, they must see the appropriate person on that department. eDispatches will go away soon but we are currently still using both as we transition.

Flags - The flags will be replaced over City Hall this Saturday, May 13 at 8 AM.

Banquet - Chris Lee believes the Bon Ton is ready to roll for the event. Craig Kaminsky screwed up the retiree invites (sigh) and had the wrong location. A correction has already been sent to all retirees. The event remains on for Saturday, May 20 at 5 PM at The Bon Ton.

July 3 Dance - Dave Turner has a $700 budget for the tent. With that, he had a question related to it. The tent actually came in at ~$400. If we want a professional stage under the tent, it would be more expensive. Steve Duce and Craig Hinkson are good with the two flatbed trailers for the stage and will spearhead the materials. The trailer(s) do need to be there before the tent. 6-8 is cocktail hour and the band goes from 8:30 - 10:30.

MAMS - We are only pouring twice this year: June 15 and 29. We do need to provide Dave with the $500 check for our MAMS sponsorship. MAMS is also promoting our July 3rd Dance, which is huge.

Hoses - We've ordered new hose lines for the trucks and we will do a last minute training day to change out all the hoses on the trucks pre-summer.

Scholarships - The committee met to review how to give out our $1500 dollars this year ($500 was pre-committed to Hunter Clapsadl last year). There were three FD kids this year. One application - of the six total - was not completed and, as such, was dismissed accordingly. From the remaining 5 applicants, the committee recommended Meg as the most needed and should get $500. We then felt that Jordan, Brendon, Ravi and Kayla would get $250 each. The department motioned to approve the committee's recommendation. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Open Floor - Craig Hinkson relayed that we may not have a flyover for the 4th this year. Most of the local crew is being deployed ... it's not a no just yet but it may not happen.

Amy Winterrowd relayed a complaint from the Pickle Ball folks that the lines are too thin. However, we told them that the lines would be thin because they cannot interfere with the basketball court, which is the main point of that court. The complaints are not well received as the Pickle Ball group has not even offered any acknowledgement or thanks for the work the department put in. Amy will relay that what is there is what will be there. We will not destroy the basketball court further.

Chief requested that all members check through their gear and let him know if anything was missing/damaged.