March 13, 2017 Meeting

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Basketball Game - the charity basketball game is at the Ouray gym on Friday, March 17 at 6:30 PM. Players should be there by 6 to warm up. Players should wear the traditional blue work shirts for the game. For non-department members playing in the event, the department will bring a few extra shirts. Last year was the highest amount we've raised yet, so we're trying to beat it this year.

Debit Cards - Up until recently, we've only been able to access our special funds via writing a check that's kept in the Sheriff's office. Chief and Junior discussed getting a Debit Card of sorts so that ordering items for the department would be easier and more efficient. Only the treasurer and the chief would have cards. Nothing coming out of that account (i.e., nothing will be spent) without department approval. It's simply to make it more efficient. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the debit cards for chief and the treasurer.

Open Floor - John Fedel suggested we switch to Active911 vs. eDispatch. There was significant interest from the department. A motion was made, seconded and passed to switch to Active911. Chief will look further into starting it up as we have about 6 months left on eDispatches until our next contract comes up. In the meantime, we'll have an overlap so that the department can decide which is best before we make a final commitment.

Bumper Williams provided the department with some details for fixing and upgrading our CO2 detectors. $35 a piece to get calibrated and cleaned but a new sensor could be more. Bumper will do them one at a time so that we're never without a CO2 monitor and is on it.

Chris Miller informed us that the house we've had access to for training needs to be done at the end of the month. Chris is trying to finalize some plans that are weather-based but will communicate with the department for the pending training event. Chief noted that we also have a few piles up in the ice park that we still need to deal with. As with the house in Pleasant Valley, we're waiting on weather so that any burns can be done safely and with minimal risk.

Chris also mentioned there'd be one more extrication training this month and will relay details through Craig Kaminsky. The new Ridgway fire house is expected to be completed shortly. We'll be invited to whatever opening event is available and, again, details will be relayed to the department as available.

Amy Winterrowd asked about the scholarship. The scholarship application will be opened in the next two weeks and close at the end of April, after which the scholarship committee will meet and review the applications. At the May meeting, applicants will be presented to the department for awarding at the high school graduation ceremony at the end of May.

A final note was made that the department will soon be ordering 800 feet of new hose.

Elections - A motion was made to maintain the four elected officers in their positions for another term. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Committees - Scholarship: Adam Kunz, Travis Manley, Craig Kaminsky, Steve Martinez and Chief are on this committee.

Membership: Bumper Williams, Chris Miller, Adam Kunz, Patrick Rondinelli, Craig Kaminsky, Travis Manley and Trevor Latta are on this committee.

NEW Training Committee: Chief wants to get a full committee in place to tackle the entire process of training for the department. Bumper Williams, Dack Klein, Chris Miller, Amy Winterrowd, Chris Folsom, and Craig Kaminsky all volunteered to be a part of the committee.

NEW Budget/Equipment Committee: Bumper Williams, John Fedel, Dack Klein, Steve Martinez and Craig Kaminsky volunteered to be a part of this committee.