February 13, 2017 Meeting

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Burn Notices - Chief passed out the burn notice WENS signup list for department members.

Junior Fire Fighters Program - NVFC has a full setup for organizing and implementing a junior program. The department needs 2-3 volunteers in order to get started. We are looking to involve Ouray HS students and other young adults to be involved with fire sciences and fighting. Chief, Adam, Dack, Travis, Craig K, Bumper and Amy all volunteered.

Ice Fest Charity Work - the department received $2000 for their efforts with assisting vendors during the Ice Fest.

Basketball District Ad - Coach Bernie Pearce asked if the department was planning to renew their annual ad for the SJBL District Tournament. The cost is $75 for a full page ad. A motion was made to run the ad and was seconded and approved by the department.

Basketball Charity Game The March 17 Charity Hoops game in Ouray is on! Practices are irregularly available on Wednesdays in Ridgway at 6 PM and in Ouray on Sundays, also at 6 PM.

New Business things coming

Bylaw Changes - A draft revision to section 2, sub-section b of our bylaws was proposed to the department tonight. The new section will read: Members shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age", or members shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age if the member is enrolled in a fire science scholastic program," and submit to an approved physical examination showing the ability to perform the essential functions of firefighting. Appointments shall be made to ensure that at least twenty (20) members reside within the City Limits. No member may reside greater than ten (10) miles from the City.

A short discussion was had before a motion to approve the change was made. The motion was seconded and approved by the department.

Hazardous Awareness Class - There is a class on Saturday, February 25 at the 4-H in Ridgway at 8:30 AM. Spots in the class must be reserved by February 14 at 3 PM. All those wishing to attend are also required to purchase a book for the class (details given at the meeting). Steve Martinez, Paul Choate and Patrick Rondinelli all signed up.

Second Chance Humane Society - The department was asked to reprise its "celebrity line" from a previous Wine & Whiskers event. The department respectfully declined participation in the event.

Trainings - Officers in the department were asked to pick and month and training topic for 2017. It was suggested that an officers meeting be held to review training goals, needs and plans.

Elections - March is the election month. Chief Latta proposed performance reviews for all officers before the vote. An email will be sent to the department this week and hard copies will be available by next week.

March Dutch Lunch - The department selected the Bon Ton for next month's post-meeting festivities.

Open Floor Discussions - John Fedel noted a few slow water setup issues we had on the Bon Ton fire and some thoughts on addressing those for the next fire call.

There was a malfunction of a valve on the Timberwolf but it has been fixed. It was also noted that the valves should be exercised weekly.

The Air compressor was services and valves were replaced.

Bumper noted that we need to order a hose line(s). Chief followed up that we've budgeted for about 600 feet of new hose.

Chris Miller mentioned an extrication training in Ridgway this coming Thursday at 6 PM (2/16).

Kevin Koprek raised a few issues related to our radios. In the end, Chief would like to see our radios reprogrammed and the lapel mics replaced. Officers wanting a radio were instructed to inform Chief.