January 09, 2017 Meeting

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Junior Fire Fighters - there is interest for the fire department but he is under the required age of 21. We have three ways we can go. First, we can alter the by-laws for 18 to be the minimum age. Second, we can start an official junior fire fighter program, which also requires an alteration of the by-laws. Third, we can adjust our bylaws to make an exception to membership such that you can be under 21 if you are in a fire science program/school.

After a great deal of discussion, a motion was made to take the third option: add an exception to the membership age requirement to allow an under 21-year-old to join if s/he is registered in a fire science program. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Craig Kaminsky will draft changes to the bylaws for approval next month.

Membership Status - At the start of the year, the department did a check of attendance performance over the last 12 months. There are two members - Dan Ficco and Kyle Schoenebaum - who have not attended meetings in 2016. The department has indicated that a failure to attend the February meeting will result in expulsion from membership.

Basketball Charity Game - Held on St. Patty's Day (Friday, March 17) in Ouray this year. Adam, Danny, Craig, Adam, and Patrick will participate. Chris Miller noted that, like last year, we will mix and match the teams for the actual game.

Ice Fest - Kevin Koprek requested people to help move vendor gear and equipment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (January 20-22). There are two shifts to fill: 4 in the morning (6:30 - 8:30) and 6 in the afternoon (3:00 - 4:30 Friday and Saturday, 12:30 - 2:30 Sunday) shifts.

Morning: Chris Lee, Patrick, Steve Duce, John Fedel (Friday), Chris Folsom (Saturday), Craig Kaminsky (Sunday) Afternoon: Trevor Latta, Craig Kaminsky (Sunday), Adam Kunz (Friday)

The mornings are set but we need more help in the afternoon. A WENS will be sent tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to solicit more help for the afternoons.

Training - Wednesday, January 18 at 6 PM in Ridgway, Extrication are going to work on a car and test out all their new tools. On January 28, Chris Miller wants to cut up a car - also in Ridgway - to further train their new extrication team. On Saturday, February 11 be in Ridgway any 10 AM for a house burn training. WENS reminders will be sent to the department.

The Chief is also working on a new 36-hour training class for the department. More details will be available in the coming weeks.

Homecoming Bonfire - The city has gotten word out that they are collecting (Christmas) trees that we could use for the bonfire. Due to the on-going work in Fellin Park, the bonfire's location is still to be determined. Details related to the event, on February 4, will be communicated via WENS as required.

Condolences - Chris Folsom motioned that we get a card for Warren, who passed away today. We will speak with Junior Mattivi to see if we can get an address. Craig Kaminsky will get the card and leave at the fire house for others to sign.