December 12, 2016 Meeting

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New Year's Eve Fireworks - The department will gather to tie and load fireworks on December 31 to make the event as easy to manage as we can. We will gather at the fire house at 12 PM. John suggested we might take a little time prior to the 31st to get the trailer into the city shop so it's there and ready when it's time to tie and load. John feels we might need a little extra time to get the trailer and tubes ready. We will attempt to gather on Friday, December 30 at 4 PM to get the trailer ready at the city shop.

Basketball Court Invoice - Amy submitted an invoice for the basketball court work she's carried out. The final cost for the invoice $2579.78. A motion was made to pay the invoice. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Yule Night - Denise Borg relayed her thanks to the department for their help at the parade.

Basketball Charity Game - Ridgway would still like to play. The department is interested in continuing the event as well. It will be March 17 in Ouray.

Ice Fest - We are only shuttling event participants and Kevin Koprek will have it all lined up.