October 10, 2016 Meeting

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Membership - Mike Fedel submitted his retirement letter to the department. A motion was made to accept the retirement request. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Ice Park Clean Up - The department had previously discussed contributing to the Ice Fest by helping to gather and building the piles and then, in the proper time, burning those piles. The ice park already has a few piles set near the little reservoir. If we can get the Tender or Timberwolf into the spot, we could draw water to control the burn and better ensure the safety of the surrounding areas.

In addition, there are quite a few trees around the Ice Park that need to come down. This could be a fantastic Wildland training opportunity for the department. Chief suggested we get a group together this Saturday, October 15, to explore the area, the existing burn piles, and uncover other needs for the project. A crew will gather at the fire house at 10 AM on Saturday: Amy, Tim, Paul, Kevin, and Steve. A reminder will be sent on Friday.

Donating to EMS - Chief suggested that the department offer some of our special funds to help our Colette Miller and Glenn Boyd as they seek to complete their paramedic training. The department is interested in helping them out but wants to get a bit more information about their needs. Kevin Koprek will discuss with Colette and Craig Kaminsky will discuss with Glenn. The department tabled the discussion to next month.

Signage - The new signs arrived and Chief requested we get, at least, four guys and some tools to hang the signs. A crew will meet on Friday, October 21 at 6 PM.

Yule Night - The Elks have requested the department assist them again for this year's Yule Night parade on December 3 at 6 PM. We'd provide a truck at the front of the parade to "make noise" and let everyone know the parade has started and one truck at the end of the parade carrying Santa. There should be no issues but we will table for next month so that we can schedule drivers and so forth.

Academy and Training - Adam Kunz reported on the weekend at the Fire Academy in Pagosa Springs this past weekend. The academy went well and, from it, Adam is furthering plans with Ridgway FD to co-train up on Dallas Divide (Pleasant Valley). Adam and Chris Miller will be working to set a schedule for training in the next weekend or two.