August 08, 2016 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Invoices from June/July Fundraising - The department has two invoices for June/July events. $322.80 to Ducketts. A motion was made, seconded and approved to pay this invoice. We also have an invoice - for the July 3rd Dance - for the beer. The final invoice was not set but we need to arrange payment Wednesday. A motion was made to pay the invoice up to $1200. This motion was seconded and passed.

New Business things coming

Picnic - The department needs to select a date for the picnic. A motion was made to have the picnic on Sunday, September 11. The motion was seconded and passed. Given "the date", we will bring the Ladder truck down to the park to raise the flag. We will setup the tent for the event on Saturday, September 10 around 4 PM. We will explore using the MAMS tent. Paul Choate is providing the grill and propane. Steve Duce is handling the beef. Ouray Liquors will provide the drinks. Department members will bring side dishes, snacks and desserts.

Basketball Court - Amy has our order in from Sherman Williams, after it had been back ordered. Amy has all the necessary supplies but has been waiting on the weather, which has obviously been awful of late. Amy has also coordinated with Nancy Nixon and the Pickle Ball folks ... again, all just waiting on weather. Amy could use some help for 1 afternoon for about 2-3 hours to etch and get the court ready. She'll be good to go from there.

FJ Rally - Dack relayed that after the FJ rally the crew thanked us for our work . There was, however, an incident with a photographer for the FJ rally. He (the photographer) was inappropriate to the volleyball girls. His behavior was inappropriate toward the volleyball team. The rally's organizers were very supportive and ensured that all photos taken were deleted. They donated $1200 to the department this year.

Membership - Will Clapsadl tendered his resignation today. A motion was made to accept his letter of recognition. The motion was seconded and passed by majority. Will did request to keep his helmet tag so that he could send to his father. A motion was made to allow Will to keep his placard and his front shield. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Donation - Adam Kunz requested a donation for the Highgraders holiday. Their compressor went and they are trying to raise some funds to get a new one for the event in future years. They have one borrowed for this year but are looking for a permanent replacement for future events. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to donate $1000 to the Highgraders compressor event.

Pagosa Springs - The Academy is from October 5 through 9 in Pagosa. Department members were provided with course information and instructed to relay class choices to Chief.