July 11, 2016 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Fund Raising - The department reviewed the charitable donations and funds raised over the June and July run. With a few invoices remaining, the department is on pace to have raised the most money in June and July yet.

July 4th Debrief - The department proceeded to have a debrief on the Fourth weekend. Comments were overwhelmingly positive. The department was impressed with both the city crews as well as the police force. Both groups were hugely helpful and provided a lot in making this a great Fourth.

There were a few comments made about ensuring that, during our events, department members are all on the same page (with Kids' Games rule enforcement, etc.). Nothing major ... simply reaffirming the need to ensure we communicate effectively and consistently during these events.

Junior Mattivi noted that we need to be a bit better prepared with prize money for Kids' Games.

Chief heard feedback at the Kids' Games that many would be interested in adding some "Adult" games to the event. After a bit of laughter, we remain undecided on whether or not we will incorporate adults/older kids into some of the events (or come up with new events).

One final suggestion was to encourage the crowd - at all events - to pick up after themselves.

New Business things coming

Dance Cakes - River Manley sold cupcakes as a fund-raiser on the night of the 3rd. In addition, River handled all the t-shrit and hoodie sales for the department. River thanked the department for allowing her to use the space. She made $200 in sales and $43 in tips. Her cost was $70 for a profit of $130. The department donated all profits, save for $20, back to River for her efforts and hard work.

Basketball Court - Amy Winterrowd presented some new details for work on the court. Amy is in the process of getting specific project details and costs from a few vendors. In the original quote, Amy included high-end cost. She needs a deposit check so that she can get all the supplies in without further delay. Amy requested a $1200 deposit, which would allow her to get going in earnest. She's also coordinating with Nancy Nixon of the Pickle Ball group regarding work and scheduling. The deposit was approved at an earlier meeting and, as such, no approval motion or vote was required.

FJ Rally - July 20 - July 23. Car wash is Saturday, the 23rd. Danny Wilbur and the volleyball team are the beneficiaries of this year's event. Setup will be around 1 PM. Danny Wilbur, Bumper Williams, Adam Kunz, Chris Miller, Craig Kaminsky, Travis Manley, Amy Winterrowd, and Scott Fedel. Adam and Trevor are handling the necessary equipment.

Thank You/Congratulations Cards - to Deb and Chris Folsom for the new nameplates; to Rib City for their $1000 donation and to Avery Folsom for graduating bootcamp.

Training - Chris Miller informed the department that Ridgway has a house available for training until the "first snow". He's interested in getting a great deal of mutual training in before the house has to be burned down.

Organization - it was noted that the fire house was not as buttoned up after the water fights as it should be. Chief and Bumper Williams both noted the disarray and implored department members to be more aware and on top of the state of the house.