June 13, 2016 Meeting

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No applicable old minutes as the May meeting was not held as we did not have a quorum.

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Ouray Volunteer Fire Department Monthly Meeting June 13, 2016 Called to order at 7:34 Attendance and Reports 18 members present; 3 excused; 5 absent The Treasurer's Report was read and approved. Prior minutes were read and approved.

Detailed Attendance Present Trevor Latta, Craig Kaminsky, Paul Choate, Travis Manley, Chris Miller, Steve Duce, Bumper Williams, Amy Winterrowd, Danny Wilbur, Dack Klein, Junior Mattivi, Adam Kunz, Patrick Rondinelli, Dave Turner, Kevin Koprek, Chris Folsom, Craig Hinkson, John Fedel

Excused Will Clapsadl, Steve Martinez, Chris Lee

Absent Scott Fedel, Mike Fedel, Dan Ficco, Doug Gregory, Kyle Schoenebaum

Old Business No applicable old minutes as the May meeting was not held as we did not have a quorum.

New Business Meeting Guests - Erin Latta and Kendra Manley requested funds from the department to obtain "supporter" tank tops and sweatshirts. These would both be for our supporters as well as to sell for fund raising. The proposed tank tops would cost $11.60 and be sold for $20. The proposed sweatshirts would cost $28.90 and be sold for $40. The department would cover the cost of the shirts for the supports - approximately 20 individuals - who consistently help the department at events and fund raisers throughout the year. A motion was made to purchase the shirts (tank tops) for the supporters. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. A motion was also made to 50 regular hoodies and an undetermined tank tops to sell for fund raising. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Fellin Park Court - Amy Winterrowd presented her proposal for the painting on the court at Fellin Park for both basketball and pickle ball. Amy's proposal ensures an easier maintenance path going forward and will be donating the work for the Maltese Cross that will go at center court. The total project cost is $3545.00. The project should take Amy about 6 days of work but weather may effect the time-frame. The project would start after July 4th. The department is looking for a commitment for labor and paint supplies from the pickle ball group. Nancy Nixon will be taking that request to the pickle ball group and getting back to the Amy with further details. A motion was made to provide the funds necessary to push forward with the project. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously

Water Fights - Nancy Nixon had a few requests from teams wishing to participate in the water fights. Ms. Nixon was told to have the interested parties contact Steve Martinez. Ms. Nixon also inquired about equipment for the event and was told that participants must have their own helmets and protective gear

The practices for this year’s event will be in Chataqua this year (the neighborhood across from Rotary Park). Craig Hinkson noted that there is construction in that neighborhood ... participants and coaches need be cautious.

Chief Latta noted that Steve Martinez has taken the reigns from Eric Schoenebaum. The department did not have any objections to the change over. Plaques for 2016 have been ordered.

Music in the Park - The department spouses/significant others are pouring drinks in Fellin Park this Thursday, June 16, beginning at 5 PM. The following spouses/ significant others are expected to be there: Maureen, Nikki, Katie, Becky, Kendra, Erin, Kim Kelly, Brittany, Deb, and Natasha. In addition, fire fighters Craig Kaminsky, Amy Winterrowd, Trevor Latta, Kevin Koprek, Adam Kunz, Trevor Latta, and Dave Turner will be there.

On the 23rd, the following fire fighters will attend for the FD pour: Craig Kaminsky, Danny Wilbur, Chris Folsom, Chris Miller, Trevor Latta, Amy Winterrowd, Travis Manley, Steve Duce, Bumper Williams, Dack Klein, Adam Kunz

On the 30th, the following fire fighters will attend for the FD pour: Craig Kaminsky, Dann Wilbur, Chris Folsom, Chris Miller, Trevor Latta, Amy Winterrowd, Travis Manley, Steve Duce, Bumper Williams, Dack Klein, Adam Kunz

Ladder Truck – Chief Latta offered a series of font options for the painting of “Ouray Fire Dept” on the side of the Ladder truck. The department voted and selected the desired font for the sign: Bembo.

Fireworks Trailer - John Fedel presented the proposed fixes and changes needed for the trailer. Some materials are still missing but can be here within a few days. John expects it to take a few nights of work. Because he is leaving on the 25th, work on the trailer will be conducted this Wednesday, June 15 at 6:00 PM in the City Shop. The crew will meet to determine further needs and timing of work from there.

July 3 - The July 3rd Dance will run from 6 PM until 11 PM.

Cocktail "hour" will be from 6 until 8.

The band will play from 8 until about 10:15, with an encore to follow, which will probably extend the show until roughly 10:30. Responding to a query, Patrick Rondinelli noted that permits to sell during the event must be requested by tomorrow, June 14 before 4 PM as the agenda for city council closes at that time.

Security costs for the event were donated by the SO and PD last year and will be again this year. Sound is discounted heavily and is only $500 and the band is $700.

Checks will be needed on July 3. Dave Turner is the band and sound contact and Danny Wilbur will assist Dave with fencing materials. Craig Kaminsky will Emcee the event. Dave asked if the department wanted to get kegs to go with the liquor already arranged. The department decided that Dave should choose the beers as his experience with Mountain Air Music trumps any of ours.

Tent and Fence Setup will be from 11 AM to 1 PM on Sunday, July 3. Danny Wilbur, Adam Kunz, Dave Turner, Bumper Williams, Chris Folsom, Trevor Latta, Dack Klein, Paul Choate, Chris Miller, Craig Kaminsky, Amy Winterrowd.

Event Assignments Gate 1: 5:00 - 8:00 Craig Hinkson, Mike Fedel 8:00 - 11:00 Steve Martinez, Will Clapsadl Gate 2: 5:00 - 8:00 Bumper Williams, Adam Kunz 8:00 - 11:00 Chris Lee, Scott Fedel

Beer Pouring and Bar Breakdown: Everyone else.

Spraying the Hill: Chris Miller, Dack, Adam and Chief all volunteered to spray down the hill if it does dry out over the next few weeks.

July 4 Tie Fireworks: Wednesday, June 29 at 6 PM. The following fire fighters are signed up to assist: Amy Winterrowd, Danny Wilbur, Dack Klein, Chris Folsom, Patrick Rondinelli, Travis Manley, Adam Kunz, Bumper Williams, Kevin Koprek. Follow up work, as required, will be Friday, July 1 and/or Saturday, July 2.

Load Fireworks: July 4th (TBD). Chris Miller, Dack Klein, Chris Folsom, Danny Wilbur, Patrick Rondinelli, Amy Winterrowd Staging Trucks: Adam Kunz, Kevin Koprek and Craig Kaminsky on the West truck (8th Avenue and 2nd Street). East side (by the school) will be Patrick Rondinelli, Trevor Latta and Will Clapsadl. Travis Manley will be the rover in the Rhino. The Wolf (Engine 11) will be with John Fedel and the fireworks crew.

Kids Games Setup: 8 AM Setup. Travis Manley, Bumper Williams, Craig Kaminsky, Steve Martinez, Dave Turner, Paul Choate, Chris Folsom. Chris Miller will snag the sawdust for us and will bring 6-10 bags this year.

Trucks and the Parade Tender: Craig Kaminsky and Will Clapsadl. The west side of the road is the wet zone while the east side will remain dry. Engine: Trevor Latta and Travis Manley Ladder: Danny Wilbur and Dave Turner 36: Adam Kunz Rhino: Dack Klein and Amy Winterrowd

Kids Games: Travis Manley, Steve Duce, Steve Martinez, Bumper, Chris Miller, Craig Hinkson, Chris Lee, Danny Wilbur, Paul Choate, Amy Winterrowd. Materials for the games are covered.

Water Fights: Setup participants include: Craig Kaminsky, Danny Wilbur, Adam Kunz, Steve Martinez, Travis Manley, Chris Miller, Amy Winterrowd

Northeast Hydrant Chris Folsom Northeast Wye is Chris Miller and Steve Duce

Southwest Hydrant is Danny Southwest Wye is Craig Kaminsky and Travis Manley

Shooting Fireworks: Danny Wilbur, Paul Choate, Dack Klein and Amy Winterrowd and Chris Miller will shoot.

Monthly Training – The department will conduct a training session for the Ouray Public Library staff; reviewing fire extinguisher usage and proper fire escape egress. Once completed, the department will run through an emergency scenario for City Hall and develop a pre-plan document. This dual training session will be on Wednesday, June 22 at 6 PM.

Membership – Since the April The application committee recommended all three applicants be admitted for membership: Cliff Jarmillo, Tim Saunders, and Tyler Ferguson. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to admit all member. The following mentors were assigned to the new members: • Bumper Williams for Tim Saunders • Travis Manley for Clifford Jarmillo • Chris Miller for Tyler Fergusson Adjourned at 9:05