April 11, 2016 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Pickle Ball - Chief requested we get some quotes for professional painting on the courts so that we can ensure multiple colors for lines (for the different sports) and an excellent job. Amy Winterrowd was requested to present the department with a proposal for the work so that we can review and press forward before Summer.

Thank You's - Craig Kaminsky will pick up three cards. One for Sandy Mills, one for Mike Gibbs (the litter) and one for Montrose Fire (for covering Ouray during Sgt. Mills' funeral).

New Business things coming

Annual Banquet - The department is looking to hold its annual banquet on Saturday, May 21 at either the new restaurant coming to Ouray or at The Western. Chief will check with the Western while Paul Choate checks with the owners of the forthcoming restaurant.

Burn Pile - Friday and Saturday (9 AM each day) up at the Ice Park. Tender will be down at 361 and the Engine up near the burn piles. The goal will be to burn and mop up a set of piles on each, Friday and Saturday.

Scholarship Committee - With 5 excellent applications, the committee suggested we award $500 each to the four seniors (Morgan Wright, Sam Rondinelli, Nate Fedel, and Joey Fedel). Because of the special circumstances with a junior (Hunter Clapsadl) applying this year as an early graduate, the department decided to award Hunter $500 but defer the payment until the following school year. The committee's suggestion was motioned to be accepted, seconded and passed.

Membership - we currently have 4 open spots and 3 applications. The department will schedule interviews for the new applicants.

Wildland - Recertification is on Log Hill on Saturday, May 7. The pack test is at 7 and the class starts around 8:30 after a breakfast. In the first full week of June, in Gunnison, is a Wildland training course. It's $75 per fire fighter and they have a bevy of classes. If you do not have a current Red Card, you need to start with S190 and S130. All fire fighters with a red card (current or lapsed) are encouraged to attend the Log Hill recertification.

Fireworks Trailer - with John Fedel out of town this month, most of the details for the repairs were tabled for John's return. However, the department entered a discussion over what sort of space we need to perform proper repairs on the trailer. The city shop was selected as the best option. Danny Wilbur and Chief are both anxious to get the repairs underway before the hectic and busy pace of Summer is upon us. Danny is going to try and get the trailer over to the shop this week ahead of our repairs. Wednesday, April 13, night at 6 PM, Danny and a crew will get together and get a sense of what is needed and needs to be done to fix and secure the trailer.

Private Wedding Request - the department was requested to assist with a fireworks show for a private wedding on Labor Day weekend this year. The department assisted with such a show years back for the family and they (the family) was interested in having another show for this wedding. The department will consider the opportunity at a future meeting as we determine our capabilities to assist versus needs and the like.