March 14, 2016 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

After Prom Charity Basketball Game - the game is on March 25 at 6:30 PM in Ridgway. Steve, Travis, Cliff (?), Adam, Patrick, and Craig. Chris Miller may play for either team. Chris also took care of some recruiting so we might have a few guys extra. Craig Kaminsky will ensure any new folks have appropriate shirts. Open gyms are Thursday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM.

MAMS - We have three things to review for this year. July 3, sponsorship, and pouring beer. Last year we paid for the $500 sponsorship. A motion was made to repeat the $500 sponsorship. That motion was seconded but pulled from the table for additional discussion. A motion was made to offer $750 for a sponsorship to MAMS. The motion was made, seconded and passed.

Beer pouring for MAMS was 3 weekends for last year (2 with fire fighters and 1 with our spouses). A motion was made to pour on the 16th, 23rd and 30th. That motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

July 3rd Dance - MAMS is going to promote the July 3rd dance for us and wants to really help us push that dance. MAMS will also ensure that the stage will be set for our use, a large savings, and sound should also be the same as last year, both in cost and personnel. Steve Duce made a motion that we hire Bad Friend for the July 3rd Dance. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. The department discussed that we would maintain the Fireman's Ball title for the event.

Fireworks Trailer - John Fedel checked the trailer the other day. He suggested we back off earlier plans and rebuild the back half this time and then rebuild the front half at a later date. Chief noted that we need some hard numbers to present to OCRA. John indicated he would be able to obtain this number for the Chief, who could take it to OCRA. We'll make this a priority for April, which is typically a slower time.

New Business things coming

Pickle Ball - Nancy Nixon came to the meeting to ask the department if she and her crew would be allowed to paint pickle ball lines on the basketball court in Fellin Park. The game is a tennis hybrid played with net that would be stored elsewhere at the park. Members of the "Pickle Ball Association of Ouray" (note: we don't actually know the name of the group but like the sound of this!) would use the court as it was free, etc. The group would hire the appropriate painter and handle the painting of the lines themselves. Based on the diagram, the pickle ball court would fit well inside the basketball court. Ms. Nixon was unsure of who would handle the painting. Adam Kunz warned Ms. Nixon about the duration of time such a task would take. Steve Martinez asked about possible conflicts between those wishing to play basketball. Ms. Nixon suggested that Pickle Ball take a specific time and have that blocked off, typically during those hours when the court would not be used for basketball. Kevin Koprek wondered aloud about tourists trying to use the court to which Ms. Nixon noted that the city (or some other entity) would control the net, thus preventing tourists from just playing at any time and causing possible conflicts.

In regards to painting the lines, Adam Kunz suggested that we join forces, get a professional to paint the lines and take care of both lines. Ms. Nixon was amenable to such a partnership. Amy Winterrowd offered a few suggestions about making good clean lines and handling overlaps. Chief stepped in to note that, ultimately, we want the job professionally done.

Steve Duce made a motion to approve Pickle Ball on the court. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Hunter Clapsadl - Hunter came by to introduce herself and let the department know that she is graduating a year early. She will be attending the dance program at the University of Utah.

Elections (non-Chief) - Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Chief are up. Chris Lee motioned we keep the same crew. Adam Kunz seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Scholarships - The committee will meet. A motion was made to lock applications on April 8 so that the committee can meet on April 11 at 6:30 and present to the department our suggestions for awards at the April monthly meeting. The motion was seconded and passed. Chief checked in with Junior Mattivi on the status of our account. We are around $16,000 in our current account.

Chris Folsom asked about his daughter, Wendy, who will graduate from Ridgway next year. The department has only awarded the scholarship to Ouray schools. We noted that the department would have a future discussion about the possibility of awardees outside of Ouray.

Training - Chief is interested in pre-planning for our larger buildings around town. Chief wanted to start on Wednesday the 23rd with a possible follow-up for those unable to make that time slot on Saturday the 26th, as there is a training scheduled for this coming Saturday in Ridgway, and asked the department what building, if any, they thought would be a good start. When Bumper Williams is healthy and back next month, we'll get a more detailed schedule in place for the warmer season.

Kevin Koprek got a hold of some radio traffic for a recent gas call and subsequent explosion in Seattle.

Hydrants - Danny Wilbur suggested that we make some distinctive marker on the hydrants that indicate the pressure available on that particular department. Danny suggested painting the cone as well as a color-coded system raised higher, on a flag, for winter on the hydrants.

Rescue Basket - Kevin Koprek reminded the department that Mike Gibbs of Rigging for Rescue donated a new basket to the team. We'll send a thank you note to Mike for his generous donation!

Membership - We have some members who have recently left the city for work. Kyle Schoenebaum is trying to get back to Ouray but, as of yet, has not found a job. Bumper, who is out tonight, knows more about Kyle's situation. Chief wants to table that discussion until Bumper is back and we can have a more meaningful discussion.

Scott Fedel is back at school at the School of Mines. He is hoping to move back in late-June, assuming he'd be able to find work. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to allow Scott a leave of absence until this summer.

Other member discussions will be tabled to next month to allow more intra-departmental communication with said members.

The application committee will meet on Monday, April 11 at 6:30 PM (along with the scholarship committee) to discuss new applicants and the like.

Moment of Silence - The department held a moment of silence for Sgt. Mills, who tragically lost his life earlier today. In addition, Steve Duce and Chief mentioned, in the future, offering some sort of donation and note to Sgt. Mills family. Craig Kaminsky will organize a food basket for Ms. Mills with a card to be signed by all department members. Chief wanted to set a amount or range to donate to the Mills family. A motion was made to donate up to $1000 - at the Chief's discretion - and that motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.