February 08, 2016 Meeting

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Ambulance Riders - Chief reminded department members to fill out and turn in their forms so that we can get them to the EMS office.

Fireworks Trailer - John Fedel has researched the problem to the trailer, with damages to the back few rows of the trailer, and potential solutions. In total, we lost 60 or more tubes (about half the racks on the trailer). The trailer should be salvageable but we do need more racks and tubes. John suggested we revert back to smaller shells as prices for firework prices are going up but money for the show remains the same. This would allow us to continue to have longer (timed) shows without incurring additional costs. John also suggested we build racks and tubes into the trailer for better stability. He believes tubes alone might be close to $1000.

Chief asked when we needed to start this endeavor and recommended that we begin no later than . Chief will also relay these details and needs to OCRA in the hopes that we can get a little extra assistance to put on a safer fireworks show. Will suggested getting the numbers together and then approach OCRA with those details in order to obtain a little assistance. Dack, Bumper and John will get together to form a group for the trailer. Dack also suggested the possible use of the blast shield.

IceFest Dinner - Chris Lee said the total cost for the dinner was around $1350. The department received a check from the Ouray Ice Park for $3000 and we received $130 (and some loose change) in tips from the evening. Chris Lee suggested we get on it a bit earlier next year to try and get a few additional donations from other suppliers to limit our cost.

New Business things coming

Jump Rope for Heart - Catcher Latta came in to ask the department if individual members or the department as a whole would sponsor his effort to raise money for children with heart diseases. This year's goal is $3000. Last year's efforts raised $2500. Chief Latta indicated the department as a whole will sponsor Catcher's efforts this year. The department discussed how and what to donate. Chris Folsom made a motion to donate the $130 in tips to the Jump Rope charity. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Other department members threw in additional money for Catcher's efforts.

MAMS - Dave Turner indicated that there is no July 4th Event this year as there was too great of a loss in years past to continue it. There are 5 Thursdays in June for the event(s) this Summer. Dave also checked with the department about having the July 3rd Dance in the Fellin Park or elsewhere. By next month, he also wanted to know how many nights we wanted to do this year for the Thursdays in Junes as well. There are bands they have in mind (local and Junction) for the July 3rd as well as the same sound and lighting company, who would do it for the same cost as last year. Beverages will remain the same as years past.

A motion was made to have the Dance in the park. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. The rest of the MAMS-related discussions are tabled until March so a small group can gather relevant details from 2015 to see what we want and need to do.

Fire Department Charity Game - There is a planned basketball game for the After Prom event but, this year, it is no longer Ridgway vs. Ouray Fire Departments. The game will be made of teams from a hodgepodge of fire fighters from various departments. The organizers are looking to get additional donations this year, as a former supporter is not available. Adam Kunz motioned we donate $500. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Scholarships - The scholarships are now open (www.ourayfire.org) on the new web site. The committee will meet between the March and April meetings to decide on awardees.

Training - Several members went out on a mutual fire ops training and it was a good experience. Our crew decided that on future mutual aid scenarios we will use the FERN channel/system.