November 09, 2015 Meeting

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None as the notes from last month are still in audio form (was not able to transcribe them yet).

New Business things coming

Basketball Court: Nancy Nixon requested to use the basketball court at Fellin Park for "Pickleball". They would need to paint some lines on the court but they would not interfere with the basketball lines. This is something that might come up in the not-so-distant future. Chief suggested we coordinate with this group, should it come to pass, to re-paint the basketball lines if/when "Pickleball" it comes to pass. However, the department will not act until presented with the proposal.

Yule Night and Christmas Parade: Saturday, December 5 at 6 PM. Elks lodge. Denise Borg - WinterFest Committee - came by to talk about the event to the department and brought the department a flyer. Line up at 5:45 PM at the bottom of 9th (near the Livery). The FD will pick up Santa at 5:45 PM and swing to the back of the parade line. The parade may make two loops but it's not set. Prizes ($100, $75 and $25) for floats. Stores serve refreshments from 4 - 6 PM. Chief asked about how many floats for this year. Currently, they're at 3-4 set with more and more expressing interest. Last year they had 10 floats, counting the 2 fire trucks. The department will put at least two, if not 3, in the parade.

Lights on the tree in Elks Park. The Elks said they would provide the lights if we brought the ladder over to hang the lights. Chief expressed that the one concern is that there is a power pole and line that abuts the Mason Lodge. This may present an obstacle to getting the Ladder Truck in place to put the lights on the tree. Chief asked for the Elks to simply set a date and relay that back to the department so that we can rally a small crew to help out.

Chief volunteered to drive Santa and will have the Ladder. Dack Klein also offered to drive a truck and will take the (new) Engine.

Advertisement: We, as a department, need to craft an ad to sale the 1982 Engine. A sealed bid is required for a city vehicle with a minimum bid. Patrick Rondinelli suggested we provide a date/time to view and inspect the truck in the ad. This would negate phone calls and trying to coordinate viewings or inspections and the like. Model of the cab chaise is S1800. Engine has 2981.0 miles. Ad is needed by end of day, Tuesday. Craig Kaminsky will deliver the ad to Patrick, who will place it in the paper, etc.

St. George, Utah: There is a training in St. George, Utah on Friday, January 8 and Saturday, January 9. John Fedel suggested that, in December, we revisit this issue to make sure we have adequate coverage over that weekend.

Squad 11 (Extrication) Meeting: There is a Squad 11 meeting on Thursday, November 12 at 6 PM upstairs in the Community Center.

Training Notices: Fire fighters were encouraged to communicate with Craig Kaminsky whenever they might go up to the house to train in a "spur of the moment" kind of thing. Craig can then send a WENS notification so that if any other fire fighters are available at that moment, they can join in on the session.