September 14, 2015 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

No August Meeting - Due to no August meeting we do not have old business to review/discuss.

New Business things coming

Mayor Larson and Ballot Issues - Mayor Larson presented some ballot issues to the department to start tonight's meeting. The Mayor began by detailing the plans for the pool.

Rigging for Rescue - Mike Gibbs has an upgraded litter for the department to use in future rescue endeavors.

Municipal Day - As part of an on-going effort to get the community more involved with their city services, the City will, once again, provide and cook hot dogs and burgers this Friday, September 18 from 10 - 2. The department needs members to help out, cooking food and showing people our fire house. Scott Fedel, Dack Klein, Craig Kaminsky, Amy Winterrowd, Bumper Williams, Chris Lee, Dave Turner and Adam Kunz all volunteered to help out.

Ratify Retirement - Chief noted we need to approve Eric Schoenebaum's retirement. The motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved.

By Laws - The by laws have been updated by the city and city attorney to bring the language up-to-date. The department was presented with the new by laws and the officers recommended to the department that the new, updated by laws be approved and sent back to City Council. A motion was made to approve the updated new by laws. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Radio Issue on Engine 11 - Engine 11 is receiving radio signals but it's not relaying the audio. Engine 11 can be heard by others but members in the Engine will not hear replies, etc. Members are advised to be aware of this should they be in charge of communications in the Engine 11 before it has been fixed.

Ice Fest Dinner - This upcoming Ice Fest will be January 14 - 17, 2016 and the Ice Fest Dinner would be on Friday, January 15, 2016. The department needs to decide whether or not we want to run this event once again. Chief raised the concern that, should we do the event again, we need to decide what we are raising money for and be more directed in our fund-raising efforts. One concern for not doing the dinner would cost us the opportunity to work the food tent at the park throughout the weekend.

A motion was made to just do the dinner but not the park. The motion was seconded and passed by majority. At this time, however, the department was not offered other events but have committed/will commit to the dinner. Paul Choate and Chris Lee will coordinate on food.

Fire Academy - The academy will be held October 7 - 11 in Pagosa Springs. Several members have signed up and chief, again, notified the department for any interested members to get a registration form.

Easy-Up - Dave Turner and Bumper Williams will check on the details for an easy-up tent.

Fund Raiser - Craig Hinkson is lining up an event on June 11, 2016 that may or may not help benefit the department and will give more details as they become available.

Applications - The department has 3 openings and 2 applications. The committee will get together to review and consider the applications in the next month.

Yule Nite - The department was alerted that the event will be December 5, 2015. The Christmas Parade line up begins at the bottom of 9th Street at 5:45 PM. The parade will start at 6:00 PM.

The fire truck would need to pick up Santa sometime before 5:45 - 6:00 PM. Participating members should coordinate Santa pick-up with the Elks. The fire truck needs to be at the end of Parade with Santa, like last year, and drop him off at the Elks as has been done in the past. Also, Chief Latta previously mentioned to the committee liaison - Denise Borg - that perhaps OVFD would take down the old lights on the tree that is in the Elks park and hang new ones.

In addition to the parade and Santa, the Winterfest committee is interested to know if OVFD would like to bring back "Festivas for the Restofus". The committee would, of course, help, but wants to know if OVFD would like to head it up such an event. The Winterfest committee expressed a few ideas and some concerns for the event that included: fire barrels, hot drinks, permits for fire barrels, and holding this event in front of station.

The department is not able to help with the Festivas event and suggested the Winterfest Committee