July 13, 2015 Meeting

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FJ Rally – We will setup Saturday around 1:00 PM as the main rally will begin around 3:00 PM. The wash will be setup on the corner of 2nd Street and 3rd Avenue (not in front of the office as in years past). We need a few extra garden hoses, hose protectors, soap, buckets, towels, one wye, a ¾ adapter for the hoses and two pressure washers (Chris Lee is bringing one and the FD is providing the other). The Tiki Hut is providing chamois.

We will finish the wash around 5:30-6:00 PM. We will setup a booth for T-shirt sales will start around 4:30 PM.

Car Wash Participants (1 PM – 6 PM) include Patrick, Trevor, Dack, Bumper, Travis, Amy, Adam, Paul, Turner, Chris Miller, and Chris Lee.

Timberwolf – The new truck will be ready for inspection on August 2nd, and, assuming all goes well, the department should receive the new truck soon thereafter. The department will also look into selling the old ’82. We are looking to advertise locally and get some bids on it.

Carbon Monoxide – The meters are calibrated and good for the next 6 months.

Visco (sp?) – John Fedel found a source to obtain more for future shows. The department will order the January show resources soon. Assuming it goes well, we will order more for next July after that.

Cash Carroll – On June 11th, the department poured beer at a MAMS event and proposed donating some of those funds for Cash Carroll, grandson to the Ouray Boys Basketball Coach, Shawn Carroll. The department motioned to donate all proceeds from that night, $503, to assist the Carroll family.

Custom Easy Up – The department motioned to spend some money form special funds to get an Easy Up with the department logo for our fund raising events. The motion was seconded and tabled until August when we have more information.

Training – This week’s training will revolve around hydrant work (many of our hydrants in town are having issues). Danny Wilbur will run this training. Wednesday at 6 PM.