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The Ouray Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD) provides fire protection and suppression throughout the community, as well as mutual aid for surrounding districts. The OFD is equipped to provide fire protection and suppression in numerous different situations including residential and commercial structures, forest fires, and vehicle fires.

On an average emergency call, OVFD responds with 8-15 firefighters and 2-3 fire suppression vehicles. The department also provides fire prevention education and awareness for all. The Ouray Volunteer Fire Department is really an extended family volunteering their time to serve the community.

Ouray Fire currently has 24 active fire fighters


For emergencies, please call 911

If you have some general inquiries, you can reach us online at:
ouray dot fire at gmail dot com

or you may reach us the old fashion way at:
PO Box 468
Ouray, CO 81427-0468

As an all-volunteer department, Ouray Fire is not available via phone.

For non-emergency concerns, please contact the City of Ouray at 970-325-7211

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